Personalised wooden gift boxes


Printed wooden gift boxes custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for personalized printed gift boxes made of wood? Then choose our custom wooden gift boxes. The wooden gift boxes can be made entirely according to your wishes. Think of the model, size, colour of wood, thickness and printing. Gift boxes made of wood are exclusive and ecological. View all the possibilities of the wooden gift boxes below.

5 advantages of wooden gift boxes

  1. Wooden gift boxes not only have a natural look & feel, but are also made of ecological material;
  2. Wooden gift boxes can be branded so that your logo stands out in an original way;
  3. Wooden boxes are of very strong quality because of the hard-wooden material;
  4. Wooden gift boxes can be custom-printed and produced from 500 pieces;
  5. Wooden boxes are trendy luxury gift boxes. >


Models of wooden gift boxes

We can produce the wooden gift boxes in various models and shapes. The most common models are wooden boxes made with a hinge closure and wooden boxes made with a box / lid combination. 

Delivery time

With our own custom production, we can deliver your printed wooden gift boxes within 14-16 weeks, starting from 500 pieces. 

Sustainable wooden gift boxes

We produce our wooden gift boxes based on ecological and sustainable wood materials. Our used woods come from responsible forestry or from recycled wood.

Material of wooden gift boxes

Wooden gift boxes are logically made of wood. We use wood from responsible forestry so that not only the material is natural, but also sustainable. We can produce the wooden boxes from different thicknesses of wood. As a customer you can indicate the thickness in which you want the wood produced. You can also indicate in which wooden tone / color you want the wooden boxes. We can optionally color the wooden gift boxes by means of paint so that the luxury wooden gift boxes have a different look than raw natural wood. 

Printed wooden gift boxes

Wooden gift boxes can be printed by means of the following printing techniques; it is customary to only print a logo on the top of a wooden box.
  • Burning (also called fire burning); by means of this printing technique, the wooden boxes are branded with a logo. This makes the print on the wooden gift boxes look “burnt”, making the print dark and greyish. Burning a logo on the wooden boxes creates a cool and natural effect, so that the luxury wooden gift boxes retain their ecological look.
  • Silkscreen; by using screen printing on the wooden boxes we can print any PANTONE ® colour.
  • Digital printing; a full colour print can be done by means of digital print; it can be printed on one position at the top of the box. This allows us to have the wooden gift boxes provided with a photo print. A digital print appears somewhat dull due to the wooden background and therefore the printing colours will not be very intense with this printing technique. 

Use of wooden gift boxes

Wooden gift boxes are often used as luxury gift packaging for jewellery, clothing accessories or for exclusive drinks. Some examples for which we produce the wooden boxes as gift packaging are:
  • Wooden boxes for watches;
  • Wooden boxes for sunglasses;
  • Wooden boxes for wine bottles;
  • Wooden boxes for bottles of whiskey;
  • Wooden boxes for jewellers;
  • Wooden boxes for promotional items such as USB sticks, a corkscrew or kitchen / BBQ utensils;
  • Wooden boxes for cigars (wooden cigar box). 

Wooden gift boxes with inlay

We can have your printed wooden gift boxes provided with an inlay on the inside. This is useful if you want to present several bottles of whiskey on the inside of the wooden box or other items. We can make the inlays from wood, but also from soft foam or cardboard. 

Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of wooden gift boxes. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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