Custom made tape and labels

Printed tape 

Are you looking for printed tape with your own logo or design? No problem, we can produce this for you from 36 rolls. Printing your logo on tape is an ideal way to advertise your packaging. You can also give your customer a message by printing a nice slogan on the tape. We can produce PVC tape for you in any colour, but also tape made of white or brown paper. By choosing paper tape, no plastic is used, and you can provide your packaging with an ECO look. Are you curious about the possibilities? Take a look at our different options below. 

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Printed labels

Are you looking to print stickers or labels? Then choose our custom made printed stickers. This is used in every store and webshop. For simply sealing a shipping bag or for sticking a decorative ribbon on a bouquet of flowers or as extra advertisement on a bag or box, the stickers are suitable for all sorts of purposes. Because the stickers and labels are often supplied on a roll, they are easy to store behind your counter. Read on below for more information about sticker and label printing.  

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