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Plastic backpacks

Multi-functional, practical and cheap. These are 3 important characteristics of the plastic backpacks with strings. Backpacks are produced in several materials and used for different purposes for a wide range of target groups, but plastic rucksacks have the advantage that they are cheaper than for example a polyester or non-woven backpack Read more


MODEL: Knotted drawstring on 1 or 2 sides to be carried easily over the shoulder
MATERIAL: LDPE, MDPE or HDPE plastic between 70 – 180 mu.
MATERIAL COLOR: White, (Frosty-) Transparent or colored on PMS-color
CAPACITY: Approximately 7 kilograms
PRINTING METHOD: Flexoprint or Copperplate printing
MINIMUM QUANTITY: 1.500 pieces

Delivery times

10 - 12 weeks5 - 6 weeks