Printed in Holland

For fast deliveries and the best print results, you are at the right place with FF-PACKAGING. In our headquarters in Harderwijk, you can find our own print location, which is independently operated.

We have 4 digital printers and 3 screen printing carousels. This gives us a large printing capacity and guarantees quick deliveries. Additionally, we work with print partners in the Netherlands to ensure the desired delivery time or to be able to switch in case of a malfunction. Depending on the material and the print, we choose between screen printing or digital printing.

Digital print

We have 4 digital printers that can print full colour images/designs in high quality on various packaging. 2 printers have a print range of 30 cm. wide and 2 printers have a print range of up to 60 cm. wide! These printers offer us and our customers more flexibility.

A major advantage of digital printing is that the print and position can be directly controlled from a computer. The product is fed into the back of the machine and moves via a conveyor belt under the print head. Within a few seconds, the product is printed in full colour/CMYK. This can be a simple black logo or a complex colourful image. Compared to screen printing, this method takes less time and can print your design in multiple colours and gradients.

With digital printing, we print on kraft materials (without laminate) for good absorption/adhesion to the packaging. This can be paper bags, luxury magnetic boxes, shipping packaging, or gift packaging. The inks are not opaque, so the colour of the material influences the final result.


  • High-quality print in full colour/CMYK
  • Low power consumption
  • Water-based inks
  • Print range up to 60 cm wide
  • Shorter setup time/less labor-intensive
  • Gradients and raster images possible
  • Less limited print area, can print over folds and close to edges
  • Only suitable for kraft paper/cardboard (without laminate)
  • Transparent inks, no white or metallics
  • Shift of the exact print position of approx. 5 mm possible due to manual processing

Screen printing

With our screen printing carousels, we can print large volumes with up to 6 colours. The advantage of this printing technique is that the inks used are opaque and we can print in any desired PANTONE colour. The substrate colour has almost no influence on the print colour. White printing is also possible, as well as metallic colours like gold, silver, or bronze.

Another great advantage of screen printing is that almost all material types can be printed. Think of paper, cardboard, cotton, jute, nylon, non-woven, and felt. This makes screen printing a widely used printing method.

A lot is involved before production. For example, a screen printing frame is made first. A screen printing frame is a frame with a stretched fabric with small openings (meshes) on which the print image is depicted. 

Once everything is properly set up and positioned, printing can begin. The packaging is manually placed on one of the rotating tables. When the table comes under the screen printing frame, the frame lowers, and the ink is pressed through the openings in the stretched fabric onto the packaging. The squeegee (a rubber wiper) spreads the ink over the print image and then wipes the ink back for the next print.

  • Opaque inks
  • PANTONE print up to 6 colours (including white and metallic colours like gold, silver, or bronze)
  • Suitable for (almost) all materials
  • Labor-intensive (High setup time/setup costs)
  • No gradients or raster images
  • Details can clog (depending on the material)
  • Shift between colours possible (approx. 5-8 mm)
  • Limited print area due to ready-made products
  • Cannot print on folds or close to edges
  • Ink odor (despite the inks being water-based)

Environmentally friendly production

At our new print location, we produce everything using green electricity generated from our solar panels. The location is also equipped with its own climate control, allowing us to produce under the same conditions all year round. Besides the advantage that our stock items are printed in the Netherlands, this also saves a lot on transport in addition to delivery time. This reduces our CO2 emissions.


Fast deliveries, small quantities

For both productions, we can even deliver within 5 working days, and the small quantities are ideal for small businesses, startups, themes, or events.

Order your products easily online in the webshop. Choose the desired product, size, print, quantity, and delivery time, and we will ensure beautiful packaging with the highest possible print result.