Personalised sailor bags   


Printed sailor bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for an exclusive bag that can be used for many different purposes? Then choose our custom made sailor bags. Sailor Bags can be completely customized in the desired size and appearance, so that it will perfectly match your store or product. In addition, these are bags that can often be reused and therefore durable in purchase and use. Read more about the tailor-made sailor bags below.  

5 advantages of sailor bags 

  1. Sailor bags are extremely strong and therefore durable in use; 
  2. Sailor bags have a nylon lining and storage compartment, which makes the bag ideal as a beach bag or shopping bag; 
  3. Sailor bags are splash-proof due to the nylon lining; 
  4. Sailor bags are provided with 2 strong braided cotton cords, similar to the ship's ropes; 
  5. Sailor bags can be perfectly printed with your company name or logo.  

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Use of sailor bags  

Due to the strong quality of the sailor bags, this bag is very versatile. We therefore see a great diversity of customers who use these bags, such as shipyards, cosmetics companies, garden centres, but also opticians. The bag is very suitable for reuse, so that your text or logo will regularly be seen in the streets. The strong material makes the bag suitable for groceries, as a basket for newspapers and folders, or as a beach bag. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver sailor bags within 10-12 weeks. The delivery time depends on the print run and desired printing. it is also possible to fly in some of the bags within 5-6 weeks. 


Implementation of sailor bags  

The sailor bags are equipped with 2 robust thick cotton braided cords, just like the ropes of a ship, which where the sailor bag owes its name to. This gives the bags a unique and playful look. Small eyelets have been placed around the cords, which gives the bags a luxurious look. This also helps to prevent the cords from fraying at the openings.  

Custom printed sailor bags 

The sailor bags can be perfectly printed with your text or logo. They can be printed in any pantone® colour, where multiple printing colours are also possible. Usually one printing colour is chosen, so that the bag retains its luxurious appearance. The printing technique used for printing sailor bags is screen printing. Screen printing ensures a solid and well-covering print. The minimum order for the custom production of sailor bags is 500 pieces. 


Material of sailor bags 

As already briefly described, the sailor bags are made of natural woven paper. By weaving the paper, a very strong quality paper is created. The inside of the sailor bags is lined with soft nylon material, which not only gives it a chic look, but also makes the bag splash-proof. On the inside there is also an extra storage compartment in which you can store small items, such as a mobile phone or jewellery. The sailor bags are standard printed with stripes in blue, red or black. Are you looking for a specific colour? Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities. 

Ecological sailor bags

The sailor bags are made from natural woven paper which is 100% recyclable. The inside of the sailor bags is made of a nylon lining which ensures that the bags are extremely strong and are reused more often, for this reason these bags can be called sustainable. The loops are made of cotton which is fully recyclable and ecological.

Order sailor bags directly 

Do you need the sailor bags fast or require only a small quantity? We have these directly available from stock. This allows us to deliver both unprinted and printed sailor bags to you from 24 hours. Printed sailor bags are printed in our own screen-printing facility. The front and back can be printed in 1 PANTONE® colour. Click here to order your sailor bags directly. 

Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of sailor bags. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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