Personalised twisted paper bags


Printed twisted paper bags custom made according to your wishes

Do you want to print basic paper bags with your own logo or design? Then choose our paper bags with a paper twisted cord. We have various paper carrier bags that fully matches your wishes. Consider the size and colour of the twisted cords. The paper is completely recyclable. Are you looking for an ecological alternative? Then choose recycled paper or FSC® certified paper. View all versions and options of the twisted paper carrier bags below. 

5 advantages of custom twisted paper bags 

  1. The twisted paper bags are strong and can carry a bucket of paint with ease;
  2. The twisted paper bags are a more luxurious variant of the flat loop bags;
  3. The twisted paper bags can be provided with a gloss or matt laminate;
  4. The twisted paper bags are made of 100% recyclable or 100% recycled material and is also available in FSC® certified kraft paper;
  5. Can be printed in full colour from 100 pieces by means of our digital printers. 

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Use of twisted paper bags

Paper twisted bags are widely used in clothing stores, shoe stores and further retail outlets. This is also a very common bag for trade fairs and other events. If heavier products go into the twisted paper bags, it is possible to provide the bag with a bottom cardboard. Are you looking for a twisted bag with a more luxurious look? Then the bag can be finished with a gloss or matt laminate. Twisted paper carrier bags are slightly stronger compared to budget paper bags and have a more luxurious appearance. 

Delivery time

With our own custom-made production, we can deliver twisted paper bags within 4-12 weeks. The delivery time depends on the edition, printing and material.
The twisted paper bags are printed from a roll, making it possible to fully print the bags. In addition, you can determine the size of the bags and the colour of the cords yourself. In this production you can opt to make the twisted paper bags from FSC® certified kraft paper.

Printed twisted paper bags 

Basic paper bags can be printed in PANTONE® or in full colour. From a simple print in one colour up to a print in full colour. Depending on the printing, the twisted paper bags are printed by means of offset printing, flexo printing or screen printing. 

Strings of twisted paper bags 

The paper cords come standard in the same colour as the bags. If you opt for coloured cords, you can choose from various standard colours. From 5,000 pieces it is even possible to determine a colour according to your wishes. 

Material of twisted paper carrier bags 

Depending on the size, the quality of twisted cord bags is 90 to 120 grams white or brown recycled kraft paper. Do you use the twisted paper carrier bags for heavier products, such as a bottle of wine or cans of paint? Then the paper bags can also be provided with a bottom carton for extra carrying capacity. Do you want to give the bags a more luxurious look? Then have the bags finished with a gloss or matt laminate or with twisted cords that are covered with cotton. 

Ecological twisted paper bags

Twisted paper bags are made from raw white or brown recycled kraft paper. These basic paper bags have an ecological look and feel and are fully recyclable. Because these bags can be made from recycled kraft paper and the material of these bags is 100% recyclable, the budget paper bags fall under sustainable paper bags. In addition, it is also possible to choose FSC® certified kraft paper.

Twisted paper bags made from FSC® certified paper 

We can make twisted paper bags from FSC® certified paper. With this you support responsible forestry. The organization “Forest Stewardship Council®” in short FSC®, sees to it and guarantees that the wood from which the paper is made comes from responsible and sustainable forestry. This also means that all ecological, economic and social aspects of forestry must be in a responsible balance in relation to people and animals that depend on the forest. All parties in the supply chain must be FSC® certified. FF-PACKAGING is FSC® certified (SCS-COC-005184). 

Order twisted paper bags directly 

Do you need the twisted paper bags quickly or require a small quantity? We have these paper bags in stock in the most common sizes and colours. This allows us to deliver both unprinted and printed twisted paper bags to you within 24 hours. Printed twisted paper bags are printed in our own screen printing shop. The front and back are printed up to 6 PANTONE® colours. With our digital printers we can even print your twisted paper bags in full colour! Simply put your twisted paper bags together in the configurators and place your order immediately. Click here to order your twisted papers directly. 

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