Personalised felt bags

Felt bags with logo

Are you looking for a strong, trendy and durable bag? Then choose the felt bag. This is a bag that can be finished in endless ways. This way you can produce the bag exactly the way you want it. The endless options allow you to design a unique bag. The felt bag is trendy and timeless. The felt material is very strong and sturdy, so that the bag can be used for a long time. This makes the felt shopper a sustainable choice. View all designs and options for the felt bags below. 

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Felt shoulder bags with logo

Are you looking for a strong bag that you can use for a long time? Then take a look at our felt shoulder bags. The felt shoulder bags are made of a soft and strong material. The felt material gives your shoulder bag a unique look. The felt shoulder bags can be printed on the flap with your design or logo. In addition to the print, you can finish the bag entirely to your liking. You can have the shoulder bag produced entirely in the colour that suits your company or brand. View the designs and options for printing felt shoulder bags below.  

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Felt protection covers with logo

Are you looking for covers to protect various products? Then choose the custom felt protection covers. Felt covers are made of strong and soft material which will protect your product well for various purposes. These covers can be completely customized and finished with, for example, a flap closure or Velcro closure. It is also possible to print the felt material in various PANTONE® colours. View the designs and options for printing felt protective covers below. 

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