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Printed tape custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for printed tape with your own logo or design? No problem, we can produce this for you from 36 rolls. Printing your logo on tape is an ideal way to advertise your packaging. You can also give your customer a message by printing a nice slogan on the tape. We can produce PVC tape for you in any colour, but also tape made of white or brown paper. By choosing paper tape, no plastic is used, and you can provide your packaging with an ECO look. Are you curious about the possibilities? Take a look at our different options below. 

5 advantages of printed tape 

  1. Using printed tape is a cheap and quick way to advertise your packaging; 
  2. We can supply printed tape with your logo from 36 rolls; 
  3. We can deliver printed tape with your logo within 5 weeks; 
  4. By choosing printed brown paper tape, you can make an environmentally conscious choice; 
  5. Printed tape can be printed in 1 colour or a CMYK image 

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Use of printed tape 

Tape is an ideal product for advertising your shipping packaging and at the same time wrapping and sealing your package. For example, you can opt for an unprinted box and seal it with the printed tape. In this way you keep the costs for your packaging as low as possible. The tape is supplied at 66 meters per roll and the width of the tape is often 5 cm. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom made production we can supply tape with your logo or design. This can be in any material type, colour or print. Do you need a small quantity, no problem! We can supply tape with your logo from 36 rolls. We can deliver this to you within 5-6 weeks. If you need this faster, please contact us so that we can look at the possibilities. 


Performance of tape  

The tape is supplied on rolls of 66 meters long. 66 meters of tape on a roll is chosen, so that the roll fits perfectly in a tape roller or dispenser. The tape comes with a tab at the beginning of the roll so that you can easily pull it off and attach it to the tape roller. The tape is available in various materials, material colours and prints. We can make this exactly to your wishes. For example, you can choose PVC material, white paper or brown paper. But you can also choose what best suits your company in terms of printing. An all over print, a repeating print or, for example, a repeating image in CMYK. 

Printing on tape 

We can supply printed tape from 36 rolls. By providing your tape with your logo, you give your packaging extra advertising. Often a repetitive print is chosen, this is the cheapest option. This tape is printed by flexo printing. This is a printing technique that uses printing plates, the logo is printed on the tape by means of high pressure. We can print the tape in 1 colour, but also in CMYK in an image. It is also possible to print the tape all over, both the background and the logo. If you are curious whether we can print your logo or design on the tape, please contact us and request a free quote. 


Material of printed tape 

We can supply you with the highest quality printed tape. This can be done in different material types. It is possible to deliver the rolls in different widths, the most common width is 5 cm. This is a standard format and is generally used. In addition, it is possible to supply tape in a width of 3.8, 7.5 or 15 cm. We can also print this tape and deliver it within 5-6 weeks. In terms of material, you can choose a variant in PVC or a tape made of paper. The latter is the most environmentally friendly. We can supply PVC in any colour and are provided with solvent or hotmelt glue, which variant is used depends on the edition. The tape that is made of paper is provided with solvent glue, which is very strong, and the tape can do its job well. This paper is kraft paper and unprocessed. You can also opt for a white variant tape, just like the brown tape made of kraft paper. It is possible to produce the paper tape in FSC certified paper.  

Sustainably printed tape

In addition to PVC or acrylic tape, you can opt for a more durable version, the paper tape. We can supply this in both white and brown paper and gives your packaging a real ECO look. For this tape 100% paper is used and one side has glue. We can pack these rolls in a paper package and a cardboard box, so that no plastic is used for your packaging material. The paper tape can be made from FSC certified paper. In this way you are sustainable with your packaging and you can show the customer that you are working responsibly and environmentally conscious. 

Order tape directly 

Do you need tape immediately? No problem, we have various variants in stock for you. For example, you can choose from transparent tape, brown PVC tape or opt for the ECO variant, the brown kraft tape. The latter is a tape without plastic, so you can make an environmentally conscious choice. You can order printed tape from 36 rolls, the delivery time is approx. 5-6 weeks, but this can be done faster in consultation. Please feel free to contact us so that we can help you as best as possible. 

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