Personalised cotton ribbon


Printed cotton ribbon custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for a ribbon made of textile to decorate your gift? Then choose our custom-made cotton ribbons. We produce your cotton ribbon rolls according to your wishes. Think of the structure of the cotton ribbon, colour material, length / width and printing. View all the possibilities of our cotton ribbon below. 

5 advantages of cotton ribbon  

  1. Cotton ribbon is a fine textile material; 
  2. We print cotton ribbon with your company name or logo from 5 rolls; 
  3. Cotton ribbon has an elegant look; 
  4. Cotton ribbon has s soft touch; 
  5. Cotton ribbon can be used well to decorate a gift box. 

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Use of cotton ribbon

Cotton ribbon is mainly used for decorating gift boxed. For example, if you have packed clothes in a luxury box, you can close the box nicely with cotton ribbon. Your gift packaging will be completely intact and finished if you have the cotton ribbon printed with your own logo. 

Delivery time

With our own custom production, we print and deliver your custom-made cotton ribbon within 5-6 weeks. We can deliver cotton ribbon to you from stock within 24 hours. 

Material of cotton ribbon  

Cotton ribbon is produced on the basis of cotton textiles. By default, cotton is white / natural by itself. We can colour the cotton material so that the ribbon has your desired colour. A frequently chosen structure of the cotton ribbon is the herringbone structure.  

Printed cotton ribbon  

We print your cotton ribbon by means of silkscreen in PANTONE® colours. This makes your logo, product name or text easy to read on the cotton ribbon. We can also print your cotton ribbon by means of a puff print that creates a relief on the print. 

Order ribbon directly 

Do you need the ribbons quickly, or require only a small quantity? We stock ribbon in various colours and sizes. We can deliver these rolls of ribbon to you within 24 hours. Click here to order your rolls of ribbon directly. 


Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of cotton ribbon. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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