Personalised laundry bags

Plastic Laundry bags with logo

Nothing is as pleasant as having your clothes washed during your holiday. This way, there is no pile of laundry when you return home. In addition, it is also a good service if a wine or grease stain can be treated immediately. As a hotelier, do you offer a laundry service? Then plastic laundry bags are ideal. Plastic laundry bags are made of white LDPE and have a drawstring to close the bag. The bags can be printed with your logo or an informative text. 

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Plastic protective covers with logo

Are you looking for plastic protective covers for clothing? Then choose our sturdy, transparent protective covers. Plastic protective covers have an opening for the clothes hanger at the top. These are the ideal covers for transport to keep garments dust-free, clean and dry and to store them. The plastic garment covers are also called dry cleaning covers or LDPE garment covers.  

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Cotton laundry bags with logo

Are you looking for cotton laundry bags printed with your logo? We can tailor it for you and finish it entirely according to your wishes. Cotton laundry bags provide the ultimate luxury experience when purchasing, for example, a pair of beautiful shoes or boots. You place the shoes in the laundry bag before you give them away in the shipping box or bag. This gives an extra luxurious feeling and gives extra value to your product. Are you curious about the different options? Take a look below. 

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Non-woven laundry bags with logo

Are you looking for printing reusable laundry bags? Then choose our custom made non-woven laundry bags. These non-woven laundry bags are available in various designs and qualities and are completely custom-made so that you can determine the size yourself. You can also choose from different material colours and the colour of the drawstring. Is the laundry bag used for a longer period of time for dirty laundry? Then it is possible to provide the laundry bag with holes so that sufficient oxygen gets into the bags. View all versions and options for printing non-woven laundry bags below.   

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