Personalised PEVA garment bags


Printed PEVA garment bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for printing luxury garment bags? Then choose our garment bags made of PEVA material. Because these garment bags are completely custom made, you can determine the size yourself, so that it fits well around for example, a prom dress or suit. The PEVA material is usually supplied in black. You can choose various finishes, such as stitched loops or a window for a business card. View all versions and options for printing PEVA garment bags below. 

5 advantages of PEVA garment bags 

  1. PEVA garment bags have a very luxurious appearance due to the soft and shiny material; 
  2. PEVA garment bags protect your suit against dust, creases and splash water; 
  3. PEVA garment bags are very suitable when you are traveling and want to protect your clothing;
  4. PEVA garment bags are closed by means of a zipper and are easy to hang with the eyelet; 
  5. PEVA garment bags can be printed with your company name or logo; 

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Use of PEVA garment bags 

The PEVA garment bags are very strong and therefore suitable for custom made suits, evening dresses, wedding dresses and much more. We also sell these bags a lot to toga workshops. The PEVA material has a more luxurious appearance and is therefore often bought in black material. The strong PEVA material will protect your product against dust, creases and splash water. The PEVA garment bags are also widely used by people who are on a (business) trip to neatly pack their clothing. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver garment bags made of PEVA material within 10-12 weeks. In addition, it is also possible to have a part flown in within 5-6 weeks. 


Ecological PEVA garment bags 

Due to the extremely strong PEVA material, these garment bags can be reused more often. In addition, the PEVA material is 100% recyclable. These bags can certainly be called sustainable. 

Printed PEVA garment bags 

The PEVA garment bags can be perfectly printed with your company name or logo. This is because any desired PANTONE® colour can be printed onto the bag. This is possible from a simple printing in one colour on one position to multiple printing colours and printing positions. The usual printing technique for these PEVA garment bags is screen printing. Screen printing uses a screen-printing frame that consists of a frame with a stretched mesh. The mesh is provided with a light-sensitive emulsion layer. With the preparations for printing, the screen printing is exposed by means of a position film. Due to the light, certain parts of the emulsion layer become hard, and the parts no longer allow ink to pass through. The emulsion layer on the unexposed areas disappears during development, allowing the ink to pass through the screen and then be printed on the product. The minimum print run for PEVA garment bags is 300 pieces. 


Material of PEVA garment bags  

The PEVA garment bags are a more luxurious variant of the frequently sold non-woven garment bags. The PEVA material has a more luxurious appearance and is therefore often bought in black material. By printing it with a white logo or a logo in a metallic PANTONE® colour, the cover maintains a luxurious appearance. Are you looking for a specific colour for the material? Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities. PEVA is a soft and shiny plastic material that feels very soft. 

Model of PEVA garment bags 

Garment bags made of PEVA material can be produced in any size. For example, do you sell tailor-made suits? Then we can make the cover in the desired height and width for you. The PEVA garment bags are provided with a zipper, so that the bag can be closed easily. The bags are easy to hang thanks to the addition of an eyelet. Optionally, you can choose to provide the bags with two stitched loops, so that the cover can easily be carried in the hand. The top of the cover has an opening, so you can put a clothes hanger through the cover. Furthermore, many other options are possible, such as a transparent window at the front where you can insert your business card, but you can also add an extra compartment for a t-shirt or tie. 

Order PEVA garment bags directly 

Do you need the PEVA garment bags fast or require only a small quantity? We offer garment bags directly from stock. This allows us to deliver both unprinted and printed garment bags to you within 1-3 working days. Click here to order your PEVA garment bags directly.  

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