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Printed Christmas bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for a suitable bag for Christmas? We can offer you a wide range when it comes to Christmas bags. Consider a luxury paper bag, a sturdy felt bag, or a Christmas bag made of jute. A Christmas bag is an ideal way to wrap your Christmas present, or to use it as gift packaging for your employees during the Christmas season. We can print these bags for you from a small print run and deliver them to you before Christmas. Are you curious about the possibilities? Take a look below. 

5 advantages of Christmas bags

  1. Christmas bags are good to use as a gift box for, for example, a Christmas hamper; 
  2. Christmas bags can be ordered in different colours, sizes and materials; 
  3. Christmas bags can be printed with your logo and desired print; 
  4. Christmas bags can be delivered to you within 1-3 working days; 
  5. Christmas bags are ideal to give to your customer during the holidays; 

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Use of Christmas bags 

Christmas bags are used during the Christmas season. You can use these in various ways. Consider a beautiful Christmas shopper to use as a Christmas gift. An ideal way to package your products and give them to your employees. Opt for a bag instead of a large box, so that the bag can be used later. For example, you can have your logo, or an image printed on the bag. A beautiful Christmas shopper made of cotton can also be fun to sell in your store during the Christmas season, you can already print it in low quantities so that you have a varying range. A real eye catcher in your store! You can also have paper or plastic bags printed which you can use at the checkout. The paper bags can be provided with a closing ribbon between the loops, so that it really is a gift packaging at the checkout. 


Delivery time 

The delivery time for Christmas bags is very variable. Are you on time and still have Christmas waiting for you? Then we can order the bags earlier for the best price and deliver them to you within 10-12 weeks. These bags are made in our own custom-made production and the minimum edition for this is 500 pieces. It is also possible to order the bags with a delivery time of 5-6 weeks before Christmas when you have less time. If you are a little less on time and still want to have Christmas bags, this is also possible. We can print Christmas bags with your print and deliver them within 1-3 working days.   


Christmas bags version 

The Christmas bags can be executed in different ways. Consider the size, the various options in loops and the extras to give a bag that extra luxury. You can provide the bags with any possible cord, for example a satin ribbon, a filled cotton cord, but also a fake leather handle. In addition, you can provide the paper bags with a closing ribbon to really turn the bag into a present. The felt, jute and cotton bags can be fitted with a press stud, so that the bag closes at the top. Are you curious about the possibilities? Contact us so we can show you what we have to offer. 

Custom printed Christmas bags

These Christmas bags are available in any size and can be printed with your design. Depending on the choice of material for the bag, see which printing technique best suits the bag and the design. We use a different printing technique with a paper bag than with a cotton, felt or jute bag. Are you curious about which printing technique suits your bags and what result we can achieve with it? Take a look at our studio page and be well informed. 


Material of Christmas bags 

Christmas bags are available in many different materials. Consider a nice paper bag which can be produced in a simple version, but also in a thicker paper type. You can give the bag an extra luxurious finish by providing the bag with a matt or gloss laminate. In addition, you can opt for a beautiful cotton tote bag or a jute shopper. These are very sturdy bags which can often be reused, an ideal bag which can later be used as a shopping bag. A bag that we also see coming back every year is a felt bag. This is a tough and strong material, which we can supply in many colours. A timeless bag that is perfect as a Christmas shopper. We can deliver any thickness and any finish. 

Sustainable Christmas bags

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important and plays an increasingly important role. We have many different options for you to use the most sustainable bag possible. Consider a paper bag in FSC® paper. We are certified for this and can deliver it from 250 pieces. Are you looking for a cotton Christmas bag? Then take a look at the options for GOTS® or Fairtrade® cotton. In this way you make a conscious choice, and you burden the environment and nature as little as possible. For plastic, we have a great option to work with recycled plastic, which is obtained from the plastic waste or from factory waste. In this way, no materials are lost, and no new material has to be extracted. 

Order Christmas bags directly 

Do you immediately need the Christmas bags so that you are still on time? We can deliver the bags to you within 1-3 working days, they can even be printed with your logo! All our bags and gift boxes can be provided with a Christmas print. In addition, we have a large number of standard products which are provided with a Christmas print. Take a look in our webshop for the possibilities. 

Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of Christmas bags. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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