Personalised nylon rucksacks


Printed nylon rucksacks custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for rucksacks that are tailor-made for you? Then you've come to the right place. We can produce the rucksacks for you and deliver them exactly to your liking. Consider the format, material, design and printing, everything is possible! These rucksacks are often used as a gym bag or sports bag but are also often used as a promotional item. A reusable bag with your logo on it. Are you curious about the possibilities? Take a look below. 

5 advantages of nylon rucksacks

  1. Nylon rucksacks are ideal for use as a sports bag or gym bag; 
  2. Nylon rucksacks can go in any format are produced; 
  3. Nylon rucksacks are ideal to give away as a promotional item; 
  4. Nylon rucksacks are durable because they can be reused again and again; 
  5. Nylon rucksacks are relatively cheap and can be ordered from 500 pieces; 

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Use of nylon rucksacks 

Nylon rucksacks are often used as a gym bag or sports bag. It is easily foldable so that you can take the bag with you. We often see the bag in the gym. In addition, it is an ideal bag to give away as, for example, a promotional item. Due to the strong fabric, it is used again and again, and your logo or brand will be promoted. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom-made production, we can produce these rucksacks for you from 500 pieces. This can be done entirely to your wishes, so that it suits your brand and company. Consider the format, material colour, finish and printing. We can deliver the rucksacks to you within 10-12 weeks. Do you need the rucksacks earlier? No problem, we can have the bags flown in and deliver them to you within 5-6 weeks. Do you need rucksacks immediately? Then take a look at our webshop, we can deliver these bags within 1-3 working days and provide them with your logo. 


Nylon rucksacks version 

These rucksacks can be finished in many different ways. The bag is finished as standard with a drawstring in the top, two long cords that can go over the shoulders and two eyelets in the corners for extra strength. You can choose how these finishes should look, for example the material and colour. The cords can be made of cotton or PP cords. In addition, you can finish the rucksacks with an extra flap at the top to protect the contents of the bag. This flap can be finished with a press stud or Velcro. 

Printed nylon rucksacks 

We can print these rucksacks with your logo. We do this by means of a screen-printing technique. This is a technique that ensures full printing colours. We can print your bag in any desired PANTONE® colour. We recommend that you only print the rucksacks on the front and not on the side that touches the back. In addition to printing the bag, we can also provide it with a label with your logo as an extra finish. This can also be done in any desired PANTONE® colour and in the desired format. 


Material of nylon rucksacks 

These rucksacks are made of nylon polyester. Nylon is a synthetic material and has different properties. The material is strong, retains its shape and hardly creases. The material does not absorb moisture, so it will protect the contents of your rucksacks against rainwater. The most common type of nylon is 190 T, which is a strong version and is very sturdy. If you prefer a softer version that feels more luxurious, ask for 210D. You can order this material in many different colours, yet the most common colour remains black. 

Sustainable nylon rucksacks

The rucksacks are made of nylon material. This is a strong material which therefore remains usable for a long time and barely wears out. This means that the bag can be used for a long time and thus ensures that fewer disposable bags are used. This makes the nylon bag a sustainable choice. It is also possible to order these rucksacks in recycled material. This is made from PET bottles that you return to the supermarket. By choosing recycled material, you are making an environmentally conscious choice. You can provide the rucksacks with an ECO label, so that you can show that sustainability has been considered.  

Order rucksacks directly  

Do you need the rucksacks immediately? No problem, we can deliver it from our stock within 24 hours. We have them in stock for you in various sizes and materials. Would you like to print the bags with your logo? This is possible in any PANTONE® colour. The bags are equipped with two cords which can easily be carried over the shoulder. Take a look in our webshop for the possibilities.  

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