Personalised luxury plastic bags


Printed luxury plastic bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for luxury printed plastic bags for your store or for a trade show or other event? Then choose our luxury custom plastic bags. Luxury plastic bags can be put together according to your wishes. Think of the size, the material, the loops or handles and, for example, the addition of a press stud. Do you prefer printing ecological plastic bags? Then luxury plastic bags made from recycled plastic are a good option. View all the options of the luxury plastic bags below. 

5 advantages of luxury plastic bags

  1. Luxury plastic bags are sturdy, chic, durable and reusable; 
  2. Luxury plastic bags are fully customizable and customizable according to the style of your business; 
  3. Luxury plastic bags are rain resistant, if you provide the bag with a bracket or snap button closure, your product will remain protected; 
  4. Luxury plastic bags are available in all kinds of designs, such as a drawstring bag, window bag or bracket bag;  
  5. We can supply luxury plastic bags from 1,000 pieces in any size.

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Use of luxury plastic bags 

Luxury plastic bags are mainly used in clothing and shoe stores and as an exhibition bag at an event. Think of giving away luxury plastic bags as a goodie bag. Luxury plastic bags are ideal to give your products an extra attention value and to give your brand or organization a luxurious appearance. By providing the bag on one side with a transparent insert window into which you can insert a flyer, the bag can easily be adapted for any event by changing flyer each time. You can then print the other side with your logo or text, for example. The luxury plastic bags have a lot of depth because of the bottom and side gussets. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver luxury plastic bags within 2-12 weeks. The delivery time depends on the edition, the material, desired finish, printing and your budget. 


Material of luxury plastic bags 

Various qualities of plastic material are available for printing the luxury plastic carrier bags. Are you looking for a luxurious look but are there no heavy products in the bag? Then a thickness between 70 and 100 mu is sufficient. Do you want to give the plastic bag an even more luxurious look? Then choose a quality of 120 to 180 mu. The plastic material can be produced in any PANTONE® colour. As standard, the luxury plastic bags are produced from LDPE material, which has a glossy and soft feel. Do you prefer a matte look? Then choose MDPE or HDPE material. This material feels stiffer. 

Printing luxury plastic bags

Luxury plastic bags can be printed in both PANTONE® colours and full colour. Depending on the printing, deluxe plastic bags are printed by means of flexo printing, gravure printing or screen printing. The printing of luxury plastic bags can be done in different ways, for example, a full print on the outside. Below is a list of the most commonly used techniques for printing luxury paper bags: 

  • PANTONE® colours, depending on the logo, are usually printed using flexo printing. 
  • Full colour or diapositive print is printed by means of intaglio printing. A photo print or picture is easy to realize. 
  • By means of screen printing, an intense bright PANTONE® colour can be printed on the deluxe plastic bag. Usually it only concerns a printing of a logo or text. 
  • Are you looking for a shiny printing colour? By means of foil printing (a hot stamp printing) we can print all kinds of metallic colours or matte colours on the luxury plastic bags. Usually a foil stamping (hot stamp printing) is used to give a logo or text a glossy or metallic effect on the luxury plastic bags. It is also possible to choose a matte or glossy varnish to achieve this effect. 


Loops and handles for luxury plastic bags 

The loops and handles of luxury plastic bags are available in many variants. Here is a list of the most used materials and finishes: 
  • Cotton cords that are tied in the luxury plastic bags. All lengths, thicknesses and colours are possible. Cotton cords have a matte natural look of their own. 
  • PP cords which are tied in the luxury plastic bags. All lengths, thicknesses and colours are possible. PP cords have a shiny look because of the polyester material. 
  • Twisted satin cords which are attached with plastic stoppers at the ends of the cords so that the cords remain firmly in the luxury plastic bags. These twisted satin cords are available in different colours, lengths and thicknesses. 
  • Satin loops which are tied in the luxury plastic bags. Satin loops are available in all lengths, widths and colours. Satin loops can also be provided with a cross-grain structure. 
  • Cotton loops which are tied in the luxury plastic bags. The cotton loops can be produced in a herringbone weave or in a cross-grain structure and are available in all lengths, widths and colours. 
  • Closing ribbon of satin, polyester or cotton material. A closing ribbon are two ribbons that can be tied at the top of the luxury plastic bag so that the bag is closed and can be given as a gift or present. It is a graceful closing ribbon which gives the plastic bag a luxurious finish. The closing ribbon is located in the centre of the top of the deluxe plastic bag between the carrying cords or carrying loops. It is even possible to print the closing ribbon with a logo or text. An alternative to a closing ribbon is a die-cut slot in the centre of the top of the deluxe plastic bag where a loose ribbon can be inserted. 

Luxury plastic bags can thus be provided with various handles, cords and loops which in turn can be styled with, for example, eyelets or rivets in the cover of the bag. 

Ecological luxury plastic bags 

Luxury plastic bags are recyclable and therefore durable. Are you looking for an ecological alternative? Then opt for luxury plastic bags made from recycled plastic material. By printing recycled luxury plastic bags with the recycle logo you show your consumer that you are environmentally conscious. Recycled luxury plastic bags can be made from post-consumer waste or from industrial waste. 
  • Post-consumer waste deluxe plastic bags 
    With post-consumer waste, the luxury plastic bags are made from recycled plastic from household waste. The colour of the white recycled material looks greyish with speckles and the structure is grainy and not even. 
  • Industrial waste luxury plastic bags
    With industrial waste, the luxury plastic carrier bags are made from recycled plastic from plastic factory waste. This version of recycled plastic is very similar to virgin plastic and is not grainy or greyish. 

Models of luxury plastic bags

Various types of luxury plastic bags are available. Below is a summary with a brief description of the most common luxury plastic bags. Are you looking for a variant that is not listed here? Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities. 

Order luxury plastic bags  directly 

Do quickly need luxury paper bags, or require a small quantity? We have luxury plastic bags in stock in various designs, sizes and colours. This allows us to deliver both unprinted and printed plastic bags to you within 1-3 working days. Printed luxury plastic bags are printed in our own screen printing facility. The front and back can be printed in up to 6 PANTONE® colours. Simply put together your own luxury plastic bags in the configurator and place your order immediately. Click here to order your luxury plastics assistant directly. 


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