Every year we distribute millions of bags, boxes and other packaging materials around the world. Part of this is also kept in our own storage. We currently keep approximately 10,000 pallets of packaging in stock. Stock that is intended for our neutral webshop for shipment the same day, stock that is intended for immediate printing, and custom-made stock that we manage for our customers, including stock control and distribution to different stores. They can order directly from stock with a web portal and our website. 


Stock management  

We take care of stock management from our warehouse for different European retailers. By managing the stock for these companies, they can focus on their own formula and expertise. Thanks to our innovative stock system, the customer is notified at an agreed point to replenish the stock in a timely manner and never runs out of stock. In this way, a customer does not have to no need to worry about the stock level. 

  • The customer can focus on their business, we take care of the stock management. 
  • Cost effective for the customer. 
  • Shops can log in directly to our web portal and place their order. 
  • Ordered today = delivered tomorrow. 
  • We take care of the distribution to the shops. 
  • We will inform you in time as soon as a repeat order needs to be placed. 
  • Never out of stock situations. 

Are you interested in this service? Feel free to contact us via: [email protected] or by telephone on +31 (0)341 430 413.  

Delivery to shops  

We can deliver the daily shipments that we send from our warehouses to the DCs of companies, but also deliver at a store level. It is even possible that the stores to contact us directly via the web portal and we deliver directly to the stores. In this way, no central storage is required and each store can quickly replenish its own stock.  

Just in Time

An extended weekend coming up or is it an extra busy time of year? With Just in Time delivery, it is possible to quickly deliver the goods to the stores from the stock. In this way it can be ensured that there is enough stock if it will get busy. Do you need goods the same day? Thanks to our own courier service, it is even possible to do a same day delivery. It is also possible to deliver goods before a certain date if, for example, you have an event where they are needed.  

Lean & Green

Sustainability is a top priority for us. In addition to our products, which include FSC®, recycled material and fair trade cotton, we also look at the sustainability impact of additional services. An example of this is that we are looking for partners for our logistics who are affiliated with the Lean & Green program. Lean & Green is a European program in which transporters work together to make their products and services more sustainable. The ultimate goal of the organization will eventually be zero-emissions. 

An additional advantage of a more sustainable and efficient transport environment is that this can also lead to cost reduction in transport in the long term. We are continuously looking to make our services as sustainably as possible.