Personalised food boxes


Printed food boxes custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for suitable packaging for your takeaway meals? Then choose one of the custom-made paper take away bags. Various designs and qualities are possible. Because these bags are tailor-made, we can offer you a bag that will perfectly match your products. Do you for example sell pizzas? then we have bags with a depth of no less than 33 cm so that it is extremely suitable for a pizza box. Do you prefer an ecological alternative? Then we have take away bags in recycled material or FSC® certified material. View all designs and options for custom-made paper take away bags below. 

5 advantages of food boxes 

  1. Food boxes are delivered flat, so the boxes take up little space 
  2. Food boxes are available in recycled or FSC® certified cardboard; 
  3. Food boxes can be completely customized; 
  4. Food boxes are available with various options, so that they perfectly match your wishes and products; 
  5. Food boxes are available in different price ranges, from budget to luxury; 


Use of food boxes  

The name says it all, the food boxes are mainly used by restaurants, diners and caterers. Because the boxes can be completely customized, we have boxes that are suitable for complete meals or individual dishes. In addition, there are also a number of standard sizes available which are excellent as packaging for a bottle of champagne, cake or sandwiches. By using food boxes, you can prepare and pack all orders in advance. The distribution of these boxes works quickly, avoiding long queues for your restaurant or store. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver our boxes within 10-12 weeks. The delivery time depends on the desired version, edition, printing and material. 


Ecological food boxes 

Food boxes are recyclable and for this reason can be called sustainable. We also supply boxes made from recycled cardboard and FSC® certified cardboard. By printing the food boxes with the FSC® quality mark, you show your customers that you are environmentally conscious. 

Printing food boxes 

All versions of the food boxes can be printed in any desired PANTONE® colour or in full colour. The most commonly used printing technique for printing cardboard food boxes is offset printing and the next option is screen printing, which is a good option especially for faster deliveries. It is also possible to print the food boxes with special effects such as a hot stamp printing (also called foil printing), a SPOT UV printing (glossy lacquer layer) or with an embossing / debossing whereby part of the printing is pushed outwards or inwards so that a relief is created. Especially if you are in the higher segment, a luxury food box is a good option. 

Cake boxes 

Cake boxes are also called catering boxes or mailing boxes. Cake boxes are the perfect and most economical solution for packaging cakes, flans, pastries, sausage rolls or sandwiches. The boxes are available both with and without a see-through window. 
Cake boxes are made of sturdy folding cardboard. The box is available as a loose box-lid combination or as a duplex 6-point glued box. Hereby, the lid is already attached to the box and the box is easy to set up. Both variants are delivered flat, so the boxes take up little storage space. The cake boxes are custom made available in any desired version and can be printed with your own logo or design. 

Food boxes with flap closure  

Are you looking for sturdy boxes to package sandwiches, dishes, snacks or meals? Then choose our cardboard food boxes with flap closure. These food boxes are ideal to use as a meal box or snack box for your restaurant, but these boxes can also be used as a culibox, gift box or as a shipping box. Fill the food boxes with filling material and create it into a nice package. 

Food boxes are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard covered with white, black or brown kraft paper and are 100% recyclable. The food boxes are available both raw and glossy. The boxes are delivered flat, so the boxes take up little storage space. The boxes are easy to fold and close with the flap closure. Food boxes are custom made and thus available in your desired format and with your own printing. 


Luxury boxes with magnetic closure  

Are you looking for luxury boxes that are easy to fold and close by means of a magnetic closure? Then choose our luxury magnetic boxes. Magnetic boxes can be used for different purposes. Consider packaging luxury products such as salmon filet, jars of spices, a good bottle of champagne or wine. With magnetic boxes you present the content in a neat way. 

Magnetic boxes are made of strong cardboard and are supplied flat. The box can be assembled in no time. The inside can be provided with a custom-made cardboard inlay or foam inlay. We produce the inlay completely suitable for your products. With an inlay you present the products neatly and clearly. Luxury magnetic boxes are available in any desired colour, size and various thicknesses. The magnetic boxes can be printed in PANTONE® colours or in full colour. With a spot UV or hot stamp printing you give the box an extra luxurious look. 

Order food boxes directly 

In addition to our custom-made production, we also supply food boxes and magnetic boxes in various colours and sizes directly from stock. We can deliver these boxes both printed and unprinted from 1-2 working days. View the options in our webshop. 


Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of food boxes. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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