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Printed shoe bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for packaging for your shoes or boots? Then choose our custom made shoe bags. Shoe bags are ideal for outer packaging of your shoes before they are packed in a shipping box. It gives a luxurious look and also serves to protect your shoes or boots. You can choose from different materials. View all designs and options for custom shoe bag printing below. 

5 advantages of shoe bags 

  1. Shoe bags are available in various luxury qualities; 
  2. Shoe bags are ideal for packing your shoes or boots in a shipping box; 
  3. Shoe bags can be printed with a fun text or logo to give your packaging a personal touch; 
  4. Shoe bags are available in ecological materials, such as cotton; 
  5. Shoe bags are made to measure and are therefore suitable for baby and children's shoes, normal shoes or boots.  

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Use of shoe bags  

Shoe bags are widely used in retail and e-commerce. A shipping box is usually chosen for shipping shoes or boots. Because there is often some space left, the box can be filled with different materials. Shoe bags are a nice addition for an exclusive luxurious look. By printing the shoe bag with a text or logo, you immediately give it a personal touch. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver shoe bags within 10-16 weeks. The delivery time depends on the choice of material, edition and printing. With the production of 12 weeks delivery time, it is also possible to have a part flown in within 5-7 weeks. 


Execution of shoe bags 

Shoe bags are completely made to measure, so a small version is possible for baby and children's shoes, a medium size for shoes and a large size for boots. You can choose a flat bag with an opening on one side so that you can easily place the shoes or boots in the bag. It is also possible to provide the bags with a drawstring at the top, so that the shoe bag can be closed. Do you want the customer to be able to use the shoe bag as a bag as well? This can be done very easily by adding two stitched loops.  

Printing shoe bags 

Shoe bags can be printed with your text or logo. You can choose from different materials which are further explained below. Any Pantone® colour can be printed on it. This is possible from a simple print in one colour to multiple print colours. The most common printing technique is screen printing. This allows an intensely bright PANTONE® colour to be printed. Would you like a full colon print? Depending on your logo, this will be printed in transfer printing or sublimation printing. Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities. 


Material of shoe bags  

Shoe bags are available in different materials. Below is a clear description per material type. Are you looking for a different material? Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities. 
  • Non-woven shoe bags 
    Non-woven shoe bags can be produced in different qualities of non-woven material. The most common choice is 100 grams non-woven. If you choose a cheaper version, it is possible to produce the bags in 80 grams non-woven fabric. To give the shoe bag a more luxurious look and feel, you can choose 120 or 150 grams non-woven material. 
  • Satin shoe bags
    Satin bags are produced from satin material. Satin is a beautiful, soft, smooth and shiny material. By using satin material for your shoe bags, you ensure that there is a chic packaging around your products. It is possible to choose coloured satin, but black satin is usually chosen because it has a luxurious look.
  • Polyester shoe bags
    Polyester is a strong material that can be made in different thicknesses. The most common quality is 190T polyester, but 210D polyester is also possible. 210D polyester is a slightly softer material, with a more luxurious appearance. The polyester material is available in about 40 different colours. 
  • Cotton shoe bags
    Cotton shoe bags are made from natural ecru cotton. It is possible to choose a thickness between 100 grams and 300 grams cotton. Do you prefer coloured material? We can colour the cotton shoe bags in any Pantone® colour. It is also possible to choose for Fairtrade® certified cotton or GOTS® (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton.
  • Fairtrade® certified cotton
    Fairtrade® is both a quality mark and a worldwide movement. Every quarter we pay a percentage on all products sold with a Fairtrade® label. Do you think it is important that farmers and workers in developing countries get a better place in the supply chain? Then choose Fairtrade® certified cotton. In the Netherlands also known under the Max Havelaar quality mark. We have been officially Fairtrade® certified since 2016 with the number FLOID 35254. We can supply all models of cotton and canvas bags with a Fairtrade® label. If you choose this, the Fairtrade® label will be stitched into the bag, so that you can demonstrate that you are environmentally conscious. 
  • GOTS® (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton
    With the GOTS® quality mark you are assured of cotton bags that are produced in a socially responsible manner. When you purchase cotton bags with this certificate, you can be sure that at least 70% of the fibres in your cotton bags are made from organic cotton. The percentage of organic fibres is stated on the label / label of the bags. In this way you also show your consumer that you are environmentally conscious. 

Ecological shoe bags

There is a choice of different materials for the shoe bags. For example, you can opt for cotton bags. Cotton is an unbleached natural ecological product and has a natural ecru colour. You can find more information about this at the cotton shoe bags. All shoe bags are made of strong material, which makes these bags durable in use. The customer can continue to use the bags to store his / her shoes. 

Order shoe bags directly 

Do you need the shoe bags fast or only a small quantity? We offer various suitable packaging directly from stock. This allows us to deliver both unprinted and printed packaging to you from 1-3 working days. Printed shoe bags can only be custom made, however, we offer various alternatives from stock. Click here to order your shoe packaging directly. 

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