Printed cool bags  

Print and order cool bags? You can do this quick and easy at FF-PACKAGING. Did you know that we have one of the largest ranges of bags and packaging in Europe in stock? We can deliver all these cool bags to you quickly with or without printing, even within 48-72 hours! Prefer to order cheaper cool bags? With our own custom made productions, we can guarantee you (printed) cool bags at the lowest price.  
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Order your cool bags quickly and easily in 4 steps.  

You order your (printed) cool bags quick and easy with the order module on our website. You can easily go through the ordering process in just 4 steps. Through this ordering process you can put together a cool bag with or without printing:  

  1. Select the desired product. All available cool bags can be seen on this page. Use the filter menu on the left to quickly make a targeted choice. 
  2. Did you find the cool bag of your choice? Click on the product and assemble your cool bag on the next page. 
  3. Follow the steps and select your wishes in terms of material color, size, printing, quantity and the desired delivery time. Do you opt for cool bags with a print? Then also make your choice in how many colors your logo / artwork should be printed on the cool bags. And possibly upload your logo in advance. 
  4. Have you gone through everything and filled it in? Then click on the big orange button with ADD TO CART. You can proceed to checkout in the shopping cart.  

Get professional advice. 

Before you buy cool bags, you need to know for what purpose you are going to use these bags. What is the functionality of the cool bags and what is your budget? Not sure which cool bag suits your products best? Then let one of our employees advise you first. We are happy to assist you by telephone, chat or e-mail. We are happy to help you create a well-considered choice when purchasing your cool bags.  

The following topics can be important when buying cool bags: 

  • Delivery time. When do you need the cool bags? Do you have a FIX delivery date? Do the bags have to be printed and delivered within 48-72 hours? Or do you still have cool bags in stock and a fast delivery is not necessary? 
  • What is the functionality of the cool bags? For example, how long should the content be kept cool. Depending on the products you put in, a certain size will have to be selected. 
  • Determine your budget for buying the cool bags. By determining your budget, we can give you specific advice when buying your cool bags. A higher quantity normally means a lower unit price.  
  • Cool bags with or without printing? Printed cool bags are often reused and are therefore a good advertising medium. The user of the cool bag will undoubtedly notice and remember your printing.  
  • What quality cool bags are looking for you? For example, we have non-woven cool bags and plastic cool bags with clip closing.  

5 reasons to buy cool bags.  

  1. Cool bags are cheap.
    Are you looking for inexpensive packaging to keep your products at the right temperature? Then our cool bags are the perfect solution. Because we purchase our cool bags in bulk, you benefit from a low price.  
  2. Cool bags are suitable for hot and cold products.
    Whether you sell products with a warm temperature, such as a hot meal or products that need to be kept refrigerated for a longer period of time, such as soft drinks, meat products or other food products, the cool bags keeps the products at the right temperature for a longer period of time.  
  3. Cool bags ensure your brand awareness.
    We can deliver our cool bags to you quickly, including printing. In our own printing company we can print the cool bags in PANTONE colors with screen printing. By using printed cool bags you increase the brand awareness of your product or company which benefits your marketing and advertising. 
  4. Cool bags delivered quickly within 48-72 hours.
    We can deliver your cool bags fast. How fast? The same day if necessary! Because we keep large quantities in stock, we can call in a courier to deliver your printed or unprinted cool bags the same day. You can also go to one of our Pick-Up Points.  
  5. Cool bags are suitable for every industry and purpose.
    Do you have a shop with take-away meals? Or do you have a trade fair where the visitor walks around with refrigerated products for a longer period of time? Or are you a private individual and do you want to take cooled products to the beach or a day out? The cool bags are suitable for many different industries and purposes.