Print magnetic boxes

Luxury magnetic boxes are perfect to use as a packaging for your gifts. Because the boxes are delivered unfolded they take up little space. We can print luxury magnetic boxes with your logo or company name. You can easily order these boxes from us and have them delivered quickly, both with and without printing. Prefer to order cheaper luxury boxes? With our own custom-made productions, we can guarantee you (printed) gift boxes for the most affordable price. 
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Order magnetic boxes in 4 easy steps  

You can order your magnetic boxes with the order module on our website. By following the ordering process you can find in 4 simple steps what the costs are and what a printed design will look like. 
  1. Choose the desired magnetic box. You can find all the sizes and colors of magnetic boxes in our stock here. Use the filter menu on the left to quickly make a targeted choice. 
  2. Have you found the right magnetic gift box for you? Click then on the product and put together your magnetic gift box on the next page. 
  3. Then go through the steps and select your wishes, such as the size, colour, desired print, quantities and desired delivery time. If you want to order printed boxes you have to select the number of printing colours. It is also possible to upload your artwork right away.
  4. Have you gone through and completed everything? Now click on the orange button ''ADD TO BASKET''. The magnetic boxes have now been added to your shopping cart and you can now make the payment for your order.        

Professional advice about magnetic boxes   

Before you order your luxury magnetic boxes, you should decide for what purpose you will use the boxes. What should the functionality of the gift box be, what is your budget and what dimensions should the box have? If you are looking for custom made magnetic boxes please contact us to receive a custom quotation. Not sure which type of luxury gift box suits your company or needs? Then let yourself be advised in advance by one of our staff. We are happy to assist you by telephone, chat or e-mail. We will help you make a well-considered choice when purchasing your magnetic boxes. 

Do you want to order magnetic boxes? Then it is important to keep the following points in mind: 

  • Delivery time. When do you need the magnetic gift boxes? Do you have a FIX delivery date because of a trade fair or event, for example? Do the gift boxes have to be printed and delivered within 1-3 working days? Or do you still have luxury boxes in stock and a fast delivery is not necessary?
  • What is the functionality of the magnetic box? Depending on the products you put in it, a certain size will have to be chosen.
  • Determine your budget for buying the gift boxes. By determining your budget, we can give you specific advice when buying your magnetic box. One version of the luxury box is cheaper or more expensive than the other.
  • Boxes with or without printing? You can choose to have the magnetic boxes printed with your logo or design. A printing will complete your custom gift packaging. By printing the boxes you can print a message, congratulations or logo on these luxury boxes.
  • Is it important to you that the gift boxes are sustainable or ecological? Then immerse yourself in the sustainability of magnetic boxes. FF-PACKAGING offers you many ecological and sustainable luxury gift boxes, such as ZEROTREE® magnetic boxes and boxes made of brown recycled kraft paper.

5 reasons to buy magnetic boxes  

  1. Luxury gift boxes.
    Our magnetic boxes are gift boxes with a luxurious and festive look. The perfect box to put in a gift, a clothing item, a wine bottle or luxury food products to give as a gift to your customers or business relations. Because we have many sizes and material colors in stock, there is always a box that fits your products.
  2. User-friendly.
    The boxes are unfolded delivered This saves you as an entrepreneur a lot of storage space compared to luxury gift boxes that are delivered assembled. You can easily and quickly fold the magnetic boxes together. By removing the 4 stickers in the corners on the inside of the box, this luxury gift box remains permanently folded together.
  3. Printed magnetic boxes for your marketing advertisement.
    We can deliver the boxes with or without printing to you fast if needed. We operate our own printing company where we print the magnetic boxes in PANTONE colors with screen printing or in CMYK with digital printing. By using printed boxes you increase the brand awareness of your product or company which will benefit your marketing and advertising.
  4. Fast delivery within 24 hours.
    We can delivery your magnetic box order to you fast. How fast? Same day if needed within the Netherlands! Because we keep large quantities of boxes in stock, we can use a courier to deliver your printed or unprinted luxury gift boxes. You can also go to one of our Pick-Up Points.
  5. Suitable for different industries and purposes.
    Because of the many different sizes, materials and colors of magnetic boxes that we keep in stock, there is always a suitable gift box for you. Our luxury boxes are used for different purposes in all industries. Just think of to use the magnetic gift box as a luxury food box, to put in a luxurious shirt in, as a Christmas gift box or to hold a nice bottle of wine.

The power of printed magnetic boxes

Printing magnetic boxes with a logo, company name or special message can significantly contribute to the recognizability and appearance of your brand. A unique print not only captivates the recipient, but also reaches others when the box is displayed or used. Printing magnetic boxes is a subtle, yet powerful way to put your brand in the spotlight and make a lasting impression.

Sustainability in magnetic boxes

At FF-PACKAGING we understand the importance of sustainability, especially in the packaging sector. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by offering magnet boxes made from recycled or sustainably sourced material. With our environmentally friendly magnetic boxes you can not only pack your products in a safe and stylish way, but also show your commitment to sustainability to your customers. Choose our sustainable magnetic boxes and show that your company is committed to our planet.

Various types of magnetic boxes

At FF-PACKAGING you will find a wide range of magnetic boxes for every occasion and every budget. Are you looking for a stylish yet economical packaging option? Then our kraft magnetic boxes are an excellent choice. These boxes are both practical and elegant, ensuring that each package is a unique experience.

For a more luxurious look, we offer you laminated magnetic boxes. Perfect for high-end retailers and special occasions, they are sure to leave a strong impression on your customers.

Are you an environmentally conscious brand? Then we have the ZEROTREE® magnetic boxes in our range. These boxes are made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials. This allows you to package your products in a way that suits your sustainability goals.

We also have specific types of boxes, such as our magnetic boxes with inlay, perfect for elegantly presenting gifts and special purchases. Whatever your needs, you will find the perfect magnetic box at FF-PACKAGING.

Order your magnetic boxes today!

Making a positive and lasting impression on your customers has never been easier! Order your personalized, environmentally friendly magnetic boxes now and give your brand the look it deserves. With FF-PACKAGING by your side, style, durability and quality are guaranteed. View the range above to order directly or contact us if you have any questions or specific wishes. We are ready to help you!

FF-PACKAGING: more than just printing magnetic boxes

Although we are proud of our extensive collection of printed magnetic boxes, at FF-PACKAGING we offer much more. From eco-friendly wine boxes to convenient paper bags, our range is designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Looking for robust shipping packaging? We have a wide range of options to ensure your products arrive safe and intact. And if you're looking for a durable and versatile packaging solution, consider our cotton bags. Perfect for shops, events, and as a reusable shopping bag.

Regardless of the industry or purpose, we can print any product to make it completely unique and appropriate for your brand. Discover our wide range today and find out how we can help you with your packaging!