Printed magnetic gift boxes.  

Do you want to print and order magnetic gift boxes? You can do this without any difficulties easy and quick at FF-PACKAGING. Did you know that we have the largest range of magnetic gift boxes in stock in all of Europe? We can deliver all these luxury gift boxes to you quickly with or without printing, even within 24-48 hours! Do you prefer to order cheap gift boxes? With our own custom-made production, we can deliver you (printed) magnetic gift boxes at the lowest price.  
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Order your magnetic gift boxes quick and easy in 4 steps.  

You can order your (printed) magnetic gift boxes quick and easy via our order module on our website. You go through the ordering process quite easily in just 4 steps. Via this ordering process you can put together a magnetic gift box with or without printing:   

  1. Select the desired product. All available magnetic gift boxes can be seen on this page. Use the filter menu on the left to quickly make your personal choice.  
  2. Did you find the gift box of your choice? Click on the product and put together your luxury gift box with magnetic closing on the next page.  
  3. Follow the steps and select your wishes in terms of material color, size, printing, quantity and the desired delivery time. Did you choose for magnetic gift boxes with a print? Then also make your choice in how many colors your logo / artwork should be printed on the top flap of the magnetic gift box. And if available upload your logo in advance.  
  4. Did you go through all steps and fill in everything? Then click on the big orange button with ADD TO CART. You can proceed to checkout in the shopping cart.  

Get professional advice.  

Before you buy magnetic gift boxes, you should know for what purpose you are going to use these luxury gift boxes. What should the functionality of the gift box be and what is your budget? Are you unsure which type of luxury gift box suits your requirements? Let one of our employees advise you in advance. We are happy to assist you by telephone, chat or by e-mail. We will help you make an informed choice when purchasing your magnetic gift boxes.  

The following topics can be important when buying luxury magnetic gift boxes:  

  • Delivery time. When do you need the magnetic gift boxes? Do you have a FIX delivery date? Do the gift boxes have to be printed and delivered within 24 hours? Or do you still have luxury boxes in stock which means that a fast delivery is not necessary?  
  • What is the functionality of the magnetic gift box? Depending on the products that the box will be used for, a certain size will have to be selected.  
  • Determine your budget for buying the gift boxes. By determining your budget, we can give you specific advice when buying your magnetic gift box. One luxury box version will be cheaper or more expensive than the other.  
  • Magnetic gift boxes with or without printing? Printed magnetic gift boxes are the centerpiece of your gift packaging. By printing the gift boxes you can leave a message, congratulations or a logo on the luxury magnetic gift boxes.  
  • Is it important to you that the gift boxes are sustainable or ecological? In that case please study the durability of magnetic gift boxes. FF-PACKAGING offers you many ecological and sustainable luxury gift box bags such as ZEROTREE® magnetic gift boxes and magnetic gift boxes made from brown recycled kraft paper.   

5 reasons to buy magnetic gift boxes.  

  1. Magnetic boxes are luxury gift boxes.
    Our magnetic boxes are gift boxes that have a luxurious and festive look. The perfect box to, for example, put a gift, a piece of clothing, a bottle of wine or a luxury take-away dish in and give it to your customers as a gift. Because of the different sizes and material colors that we have in stock, there will always be a magnetic gift box that will fit your products.   
  2. Magnetic gift boxes are user-friendly.
    The magnetic gift boxes are delivered as economical as possible, namely flat / flat. This saves you as an entrepreneur a lot of storage space compared to luxury gift boxes that are delivered assembled. The magnetic gift boxes can be folded together fast and easy. By removing the 4 stickers in the corners on the inside of the box, this luxury gift box will remain set up.  
  3. Print magnetic gift boxes for your marketing advertising.
    We can quickly deliver our magnetic gift boxes to you with or without printing. We have our own printing department where we print the magnetic gift boxes in PANTONE colors with screen printing or with a CMYK design with digital printing. By using printed magnetic gift boxes you increase the brand awareness of your product or company, which benefits your marketing and advertising.  
  4. Magnetic gift boxes delivered quickly within 48-72 hours.
    We can deliver your magnetic gift boxes quickly. How fast? Within 3 days is needed! Because we keep large quantities of magnetic gift boxes in stock.  
  5. Magnetic gift boxes are suitable for every industry and purpose.
    Because of the many different sizes, materials and colors of magnetic gift boxes that we keep in stock, there is always a suitable gift box for you. Our magnetic gift boxes are used for different purposes in all industries. Think of a magnet box as a luxury food box, a magnet box to put a chic shirt in, a magnet box as a Christmas gift box or a luxury magnet box for a bottle of wine.