Personalised cardboard gift boxes

Cardboard gift boxes with logo

Are you looking for cheap gift boxes that you want to use as a for example pampering box, culibox, meal box or surprise box? Then choose our customized cardboard gift boxes. The cardboard gift boxes are inexpensive boxes for packaging presents or promotional gifts. We produce and print your cardboard gift boxes made to measure. Think of the model, format, material, printing and finish. View all the possibilities of the cardboard gift boxes below. 

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Pop-up boxes with logo

Are you looking for luxury boxes for example for a gift? Then choose the custom pop-up boxes. These pop-up boxes are delivered flat, so they take up little space and they are very easy to fold together. The pop-up boxes can be produced entirely according to your wishes. Consider the size of the box, the colour of the material, the thickness and the finish. View all options for custom-made pop-up boxes below.

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Hinge boxes with logo

Are you looking for a luxury box for presenting products? Or are you looking for an exclusive gift box for your products? Then choose our luxury hinged boxes. These boxes are perfect to use as a gift box and can be fitted with a custom inlay. Hinge boxes are available in all kinds of designs, materials and qualities and can be put together according to your wishes. Think of the size of the hinge boxes, the thickness of the material and the print. View all the possibilities of deluxe hinge boxes below. 

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Drawer boxes with logo

Are you looking for luxury packaging? Then the drawer box, also known as the pull-out box, is perfect for you. The drawer box is a unique gift box that gives your customer a special experience when unpacking your product. We see the "unboxing experience" becoming increasingly important in the market. You can pack your product in the drawer which you can slide into the box at the front. The customer can take your product out of the drawer box by pulling the drawer out of the box. This is possible in many ways. For example, through a satin or cotton drawstring or a recess in the drawer. The drawer box is a great option in terms of packaging for many different products. See below a number of different designs and options for designing your own drawer box. Let yourself be inspired!  

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Folding boxes with logo

Are you looking for beautiful printed cardboard boxes that are easy to fold and in which you can put your product? Then choose our custom folding boxes. The cardboard folding boxes are cheap and yet have a luxurious appearance because these boxes are made of sturdy cardboard and can be printed all over. The folding boxes are ideal as gift packaging for your products or accessories and can be custom-made entirely according to your wishes. Think of the format, the material, the finish, the thickness, the model and the printing. View all options of the cardboard folding boxes below. 

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