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Printed gift card boxes custom made according to your wishes

A gift card box is an ideal way to turn your gift card or gift voucher into a present. A luxury packaging for your gift card, which can be assembled in different ways. These boxes are provided with an inlay, so that your gift card lies securely and neatly in it. We can produce the gift card boxes in various ways. Consider for example, a box with a loose lid, a box with a closing ribbon or a simple folder. In addition to these boxes, you can also have your gift card produced by us, so that you have the complete package arranged. You can choose a paper card with handwritten text on it, or a gift card which is easy to scan at the checkout. See below a number of different designs and options for designing your own gift card box.

5 advantages of gift card boxes

  1. The gift card box turns your gift card into a real present;
  2. The gift card box is available from 25 pieces and can be delivered within 1-3 working days;
  3. The gift card box can be custom made, so that your gift card fits perfectly here;
  4. In addition to the box, we can also supply different types of gift cards, so you don't have to look any further;
  5. We can make any style of gift card boxes, both with a loose lid, a closing ribbon or a folder.

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Use of gift card boxes 

The use of a gift card box is of course to package your gift card as beautifully as possible. By using a gift card box, you really turn you gift card into a present. After wrapping and writing or scanning the gift card, your customer can give it away and the customer does not have to do anything about it. The box can be completely customized to your liking and this box can perfectly match your store and branding. 


Delivery time 

Because we have our own production for gift card boxes, we can deliver them within 10-12 weeks. The minimum print run for this production is 500 pieces. Do you need them sooner? No problem, we can deliver these boxes by air freight within 5-6 weeks. The boxes are completely according to your wishes, you can determine the size, style, printing and finish yourself. It is possible to receive a sample before we start production. This way you can see exactly how the box will be. We can deliver this sample to you within 3 weeks. Do you need the gift card boxes even faster? We can also realize this. We can deliver these printed with your logo within1-3 working days. In addition to gift card boxes, we have, for example, luxury magnetic boxes and boxes with a separate lid in stock. Take a look at our extensive range below. 


Sustainable gift card boxes 

The cardboard that we use for the gift card boxes is made from recycled material. We do this to burden the environment as little as possible. You can choose to make the gift card boxes as sustainable as possible. We have several options for this. You can choose to order the paper used to cover the gift card box in recycled material. A gift card box can consist of 100% paper, making it easy to recycle. 

As of September 1, 2021, we have taken a sustainable but also necessary step in the field of paper packaging. All newly produced paper bags and boxes that we import from outside the EU will be FSC® certified. With this step we work entirely in accordance with EUTR legislation. 

Material of gift card boxes

The gift card boxes are often made of 1,000 grams cardboard. This is sturdy enough but not too heavy. Are you curious about the thickness? We can always send you a sample so that you can check this. If you want the grammage more or less heavy then that is no problem, we offer many different grammages of cardboard. The cardboard is covered with paper on both the inside and outside. You can choose to use recycled paper or FSC certified® paper. In this way you can show that you are environmentally aware and that you burden the environment as little as possible. You can also cover the box with ZEROTREE® paper, this is paper that is not made from trees, but for example from straw. The paper is then provided with a straw fibre, so you can keep up with the eco trend. You can provide the paper with which the box is pasted with an embossing. For embossed paper, a special pattern is pressed into the paper with a roller, so that you can give a unique look and feel to your gift card box. Are you interested in this? Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the options with you. We can print the paper on both the inside and outside of the gift card box with your design or in a special PANTONE® colour. In addition to printing, finishes and sustainable paper choices, we can also provide the boxes with a laminate. This can be done in a gloss or a matt laminate. This gives your gift card box an extra luxurious look and protects against splash water. The box can then be easily cleaned and damages less quickly. It is also possible to go for the luxury variant of the laminate, the soft touch laminate. This material gives a unique look to your product, but more importantly, a uniquely soft feel. Are you curious about this finish? Please contact us so that we can send you a sample. 


Printing gift card boxes

The gift card boxes can be printed in various ways. We adapt this to your wishes. The gift card boxes are usually printed by means of screen printing or offset printing. Screen printing is often used when a logo or design in one colour has to be printed on one side. In this way, a full colour is printed. When a colour may be printed all over, or for example a full colour image, offset printing is used. This is one of the most commonly used printing techniques. With offset printing the image is super sharp. This can be done on the inside as well as the outside of the gift card box. It is possible to provide the gift card boxes with special printing techniques. Consider, for example, a hot stamp, this is a glossy coloured foil that can be applied to your logo or image. This can be done in many different colours, but we mainly see this in gold or silver. This ensures that your logo or design really stands out. This is also possible by means of SPOT UV. This is a transparent gloss layer, which can be applied to your logo. This gives your logo a glossy look. In addition to hot stamp and SPOT UV, it is also possible to emboss or deboss your logo. This will push your logo in or out on the paper. As a result, your logo rises somewhat from the box, which gives your gift card box a unique look and feel. See various luxury print finishes below. 

Models of gift card boxes

The gift card box can be designed in various ways. We can make this exactly according to your wishes. Consider designing the format, printing, finish, material and so on. The three most common versions are the box lid combination, the box with closing ribbons and the folder. The box lid combination is provided with an inlay for the gift card and a separate lid which is provided with two thumb holes, so that the box is easy to open. This can be produced in any size, exactly how you envision it. The box with closing ribbon is also a nice option. This box is also provided with an inlay and has two closing ribbons on the bottom and the lid. You can tie this at the front which really gives the look of a present. We can make these ribbons in any material or colour. For a cheaper version you can take a look at the gift card folders. This is a folder which is provided with an inlay and a magnet. You can insert the gift card on the side. When you open the folder, you can see it in the middle. These folders take up little space and are very nice to give at the checkout.  magnetic boxes can be printed in any PANTONE® colour, but a full colour photo or image is also possible. Another option is to opt for a paper sleeve that can be placed around the boxes. This sleeve can also be printed in any desired colour. 

Inlays for the gift card boxes 

The gift card boxes can be provided with an inlay. By providing the boxes with an inlay, your gift card lies neatly in it and will not move. We can make the inlay from different materials, but it is usually made from cardboard. We can fit these to your gift card and make it to any size. The inlay can be printed in your PANTONE® colour to match the rest of the gift card box. You can provide the inlay with a ribbon, so that it can be easily lifted out. You can also print a flyer or text on the bottom of the box, for an extra surprise. There are many different options. We are happy to advise you so that you can make the right choice. 

Order gift card boxes directly 

Do you need gift card boxes quickly or a require a smaller quantity? No problem, we can deliver these boxes from 25 pieces. Take a look at our different options in brown, black or white kraft paper. These gift card boxes are provided with an inlay for your gift card and a closing ribbon to easily close the gift card box. This really gives the box the look of a present! We can print these gift card boxes with your logo or design and deliver them to you within 1-3 working days. In addition to gift card boxes, we also have an extensive range of bags, tissue paper, shipping materials and luxury boxes in stock. Take a look at our range below and see what we can do for you. 


Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of gift card boxes. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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