Personalised plastic cooler bags


Printed plastic cooler bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for a cheap bag to keep your products cool or warm? Then choose our custom plastic cooler bags. These plastic cooler bags are the cheapest cooler bags available and can be put together according to your wishes. Think of the size of the cooler bag, the colour of the material, the thickness of the material and the desired printing. Are you looking for an ecological alternative? Then choose plastic cooler bags made from recycled plastic. View all the options of custom-made plastic cooler bags below. 

5 advantages of plastic cooler bags 

  1. Plastic cooler bags are the cheapest cooler bags available;
  2. Plastic cooler bags can be reused more often due to the re-closable handle;
  3. Plastic cooler bags keep your products at the right temperature;
  4. Plastic cooler bags are made of strong and flexible plastic material, making them ideal for grocery shopping;
  5. Plastic cooler bags can be printed with your logo

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Use of plastic cooler bags 

Plastic cooler bags are used for two different purposes, one is for keeping bottles of soft drinks and sandwiches cool and the other is for keeping hot meals at the right temperature. The inside of the plastic cooler bags is made of a foamed metallic foil. The top of the cool bag is closed by means of a plastic resealable bracket. Also ideal for transporting your cooled products from the supermarket. 

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Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver plastic cooler bags within 6-8 weeks. The delivery time depends, amongst other things, on the desired edition and printing. 


Handles of plastic cooler bags 

The plastic cooler bags are provided with a hard resealable plastic bracket on the top. Ideal for reusing these cooler bags. The sides of the cooler bag are sealed so that no moisture from the outside can reach your products. 

Printing plastic cooler bags 

The plastic carrier bags can be printed in any Pantone® colour, and full colour / photo printing. The entire outside can be printed with this method. Two different printing techniques are used for printing these plastic cool bags, namely flexo printing and gravure printing. Below is a brief explanation of these printing techniques:

  • Rubber printing stamps (flexo plates) are used which are glued around a cylinder. Each printing colour needs its own printing stamp. Plastic film on a roll is machine pressed and then machine die cut and sealed. Flexo printing is the cheapest way to print plastic cooler bags.
  • In gravure printing, large copper cylinders are used to press the ink onto the plastic foil. These copper cylinders are engraved with the printing (the design / artwork). You need a copper cylinder for each printing colour. After the plastic cooler bags have been printed, they are machine die-cut and sealed. This printing technique is a relatively expensive printing technique but gives the best printing result on the plastic cool bags.

The minimum print run for plastic cooler bags is 1,000 pieces. 


Material of plastic cooler bags 

Plastic cooler bags are made from a combination of plastic foil and foamed ISO material. The plastic material is shiny and soft. The most commonly used plastic material for the plastic cooler bags is LDPE film. LDPE stands for Low-DensityPolyEthylene. The thickness is indicated in microns. A standard thickness of the plastic cooler bags is 55 mu. The inside of the plastic cooler bags is made of 180 micron ISO foam foil. 

Ecological plastic cooler bags

Plastic cooler bags have gained a negative image in recent years due to the “plastic waste problem” in the world. Of course, plastic cooler bags should be reused as much as possible and ultimately end up with the residual waste. With normal use of plastic cooler bags, they can be as durable as other materials. Especially because of the addition of a resealable handle, it is a good reusable cooler bag. 

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Do you need the plastic cooler bags fast or require only a small quantity? We have plastic cooler bags in stock with a standard design. You can order these plastic cooler bags directly from our webshop from 100 pieces. Delivery time is 1 to 2 working days. Click here to order your plastic bags with loop directly.

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