Order Rollor packaging

Surprise your customers with a unique unboxing experience! The Rollor packaging line combines patented technology with simplicity and is perfect for sending fashion items, posters, bottles or accessories to your customers in a smart and safe way. The boxes are delivered flat and take up little space. You can order Rollor packaging from 25 pieces.

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Rollor packaging delivered quickly

You can order your Rollor packaging at lightning speed via our order module. During the ordering process you will see in 4 simple steps what the costs are and what the delivery time is.

  1. First choose the desired Rollor packaging on this page. You can choose from the Rollor Light, Rollor Premium and Rollor Protect options. View the USPs of the product to make a right choice.
  2. Have you found the right Rollor packaging? Then click on the article and put together your Rollor packaging on the product page.
  3. Then go through the steps and select your wishes, such as the size, colour, quantity and desired delivery time. You can request a quote for printed boxes. It is also possible to send the artwork immediately for a specific price.
  4. Have you gone through all the steps? Then click on the orange button ''ADD TO CART''. The Rollor packaging has now been added to your shopping cart and you can immediately pay for your order.

Professional advice on Rollor packaging

Before you order these innovative Rollor packagings, you would like to know in advance which variant of Rollor packaging you should go for. What should be the functionality of the Rollor packaging, what is your budget and what dimensions should the packaging have? Simply request a quote from us for printed Rollor packaging or deviating formats. Not sure which type of Rollor is right for your company? Then let yourself be advised in advance by one of our employees. We are happy to assist you by telephone, chat or e-mail. We are happy to help you make a well-considered choice when purchasing your Rollor packaging.

Order Rollor packaging? Then it is important to think about the following things:

  • Delivery time. When do you need the Rollor packaging? Do you have a FIX delivery date, for example because of the opening of your store or are you short of packaging? Do the packages have to be delivered within 1-3 working days? Or do you still have packaging in stock, so that Rollor packaging with a logo is also optional?
  • What is the functionality of the Rollor packaging? Depending on the products you put in it, a certain format will have to be chosen.
  • Determine your budget for buying the Rollor packaging. By determining your budget, we can give you targeted advice when purchasing your Rollor packaging or other shipping packaging that may also suffice. One version of the shipping box is cheaper or more expensive than the other.
  • Boxes with or without printing? Printing rollor packaging with your logo is of course possible and a nice print completes your packaging. By using a print you can send a message, leave your congratulations or logo on these luxury shipping packages.
  •  Is it important to you that the shipping boxes are sustainable or ecological? Then immerse yourself in the sustainability of Rollor packaging. In addition to these ecological boxes, FF-PACKAGING also offers you many other sustainable packaging options, such as ZEROTREE® shipping boxes and boxes made from brown recycled kraft paper.

5 reasons to buy Rollor packaging

  1. Unique unboxing experience.
    The packaging is the first thing your customers see when receiving online orders. Unpacking the product in a unique way is therefore a great way to impress your customers. Have your Rollor packaging printed with your logo or design and stand out from your competition!

  2. No filler material required.
    Avoid unnecessary use of plastic materials. Many e-commerce companies use plastic filling material when shipping their goods due to oversized packaging. We encourage customers to stop shipping unnecessary amounts of plastic and invest in appropriate packaging solutions.

  3. Sustainable packaging.
    Sustainability is one of Rollor's core values. That is why the Rollors are made of paper that is both recycled and FSC® certified. A plastic-free box made from one material that is fully recyclable or reusable after use. The patented packaging solutions not only catch the eye but are also environmentally friendly. Only a small amount of cardboard is needed for packaging.

  4.  Lower return rates.
    If a fashion item is delivered crease-free to a customer, this will lead to fewer returns. Fashion has one of the highest return rates in e-commerce. Many retailers say that between 20% and 40% of their online sales are returned. A major Rollor customer, with more than 50,000 fashion shipments per year, has reported a 50% reduction in returns on garments shipped with Rollor Premium packaging.

  5. Innovative packaging solution for e-commerce companies.
    Whether fashion, drinks, cosmetics or other goods. Each type of Rollor packaging has its own unique properties. What corresponds is that all types can be easily rolled up into strong shipping packaging. The Rollor Premium is used for crease-free shipping of garments such as dresses and tailored suits. The Light variant is made for fashion items, accessories or posters. The Rollor Protect is used for shipping bottles of wine and glassware.