Personalised cardboard gift boxes


Printed cardboard gift boxes custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for cheap gift boxes that you want to use as a for example pampering box, culibox, meal box or surprise box? Then choose our customized cardboard gift boxes. The cardboard gift boxes are inexpensive boxes for packaging presents or promotional gifts. We produce and print your cardboard gift boxes made to measure. Think of the model, format, material, printing and finish. View all the possibilities of the cardboard gift boxes below. 

5 advantages of cardboard gift boxes

  1. Cardboard gift boxes are festive packaging for your promotional gifts and can be used well as gift packaging; 
  2. Cardboard gift boxes are ecologically sound because they are sustainable packaging; 
  3. Cardboard gift boxes are inexpensive luxury boxes; 
  4. Cardboard gift boxes can be printed and delivered quickly; 
  5. Cardboard gift boxes can also be used as meal boxes, culibox, pampering box, gift box or as a food box. 

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Use of cardboard gift boxes 

Cardboard gift boxes are used for a variety of purposes. Usually as a gift box, but also, for example, as a meal box. The great advantage of cardboard gift boxes is that you can package the contents of the box in a cheap but festive way. Because we produce these gift boxes from cardboard, the cost price is relatively low, and you have beautiful gift packaging at a competitive price! 

We can produce different types of cardboard gift boxes according to your wishes. Are you a fan of a cardboard gift box with a lid or would you prefer a cardboard gift box with a hinged lid? We will provide you with the perfect cardboard gift box for your products! 


Delivery time 

With our custom-made productions we can produce your printed cardboard gift boxes from 500 pieces in any desired size / model / finish / printing with a delivery time of approx. 10-12 weeks. Request a no-obligation quote here. 

We can also deliver (un) printed cardboard gift boxes from stock from 20-50 pieces. Click here to order your unprinted or printed cardboard gift boxes directly. 


Ecological cardboard gift boxes 

We produce and print your custom-made cardboard gift boxes based on recycled cardboard wrapped with FSC® certified paper. In this way your custom-made cardboard gift boxes are ecologically sound. FF-PACKAGING is FSC® certified, our FSC® registration number is C124374. All cardboard gift boxes that we produce are 100% recyclable as long as the boxes only consist of paper or cardboard material and are disposed of with the wastepaper. 

Material of cardboard gift boxes

We produce the cardboard gift boxes from material from corrugated cardboard or from thick, sturdy paper. You can choose between white or brown material. If necessary, we can finish your cardboard gift boxes with a glossy coating or with a glossy / matt laminate. In this way you can decide for yourself what appearance your cardboard gift boxes will get. 


Printing cardboard gift boxes

We print cardboard gift boxes in our own factory. We generally use offset printing to print the cardboard gift boxes. The advantage of offset printing is that we can print the cardboard gift boxes in their entirety, both in PANTONE® printing colours and in full colour. In addition, we can also print simple logos or texts that consist of one printing colour in screen printing. 

Models of cardboard gift boxes

The cardboard gift boxes are made of (corrugated) cardboard and can therefore be produced in different models with various finishes. Most cardboard gift boxes are made in one of the following designs: 
  • Cardboard gift box FEFCO 0427; 
  • Cardboard gift box FEFCO 0429/0701 including an adhesive strip; 
  • Cardboard gift box with lid; 
  • Plano delivered cardboard gift boxes with an opening on two sides. 
We can also provide your cardboard gift boxes with a cardboard inlay so that your products fit neatly into the box. 

Order cardboard gift boxes directly 

Do you quickly need unprinted or printed cardboard gift boxes, or do you only require a small quantity? We have various cardboard gift boxes in stock in different models, sizes and colours. We can deliver these cardboard gift boxes directly from stock, both with and without printing, within 1-3 working days. Click here to order your unprinted or printed cardboard gift boxes directly. 

Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of cardboard gift boxes. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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