Personalised plastic protective covers


Printed plastic protective covers custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for plastic protective covers for clothing? Then choose our sturdy, transparent protective covers. Plastic protective covers have an opening for the clothes hanger at the top. These are the ideal covers for transport to keep garments dust-free, clean and dry and to store them. The plastic garment covers are also called dry cleaning covers or LDPE garment covers. 

5 advantages of custom plastic covers  

  1. We can deliver plastic protective covers from stock within 24 hours; 
  2. Plastic covers protect garments during transport or storage; 
  3. Plastic protective covers ensure that garments are water and dirt resistant; 
  4. Plastic covers can be supplied on a roll for quick handling; 
  5. You can print your plastic protective covers from 500 pieces entirely with your own logo.  

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Printing plastic protective sleeves

Plastic covers are mainly used without printing. Would you like your own printing on the plastic protective sleeves? No problem! Plastic protective sleeves can be printed in flexo printing by means of one-color printing. Whether it is a logo or a repeating logo. Do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities. 

Delivery time

With our own custom-made productions, printed plastic protective covers can be delivered from 2000 pieces within 10 to 12 weeks. If you need the plastic protective covers faster, we can also have part of the shipment flown in. We can deliver plastic protective covers from stock within 24 hours. 

Material of the plastic protective covers  

We produce the plastic protective sleeves in LDPE. We can produce the covers in any desired format with your own printing. A common thickness for plastic protective covers is 20 mu of transparent LPDE. This thickness of 20 mu is strong enough to protect garments and because of the transparency you can see the clothing through the cover. Protective covers are completely transparent but can also be supplied in white. The cover has a top opening for a clothes hanger and an open bottom. The plastic protective covers are water and dirt resistant.

Use of plastic protective covers 

The plastic protective covers can be custom made and are suitable for various purposes. For example, plastic clothing covers are suitable for suits, jackets, trousers, wedding dresses, shirts, trousers, sweaters or dresses. The plastic protective covers are dust-free, waterproof and suitable for both transport and storage. The user-friendly clothing covers are easy to open via an opening at the bottom, where you can easily slide the clothing through. Because of the small opening at the top, the protective covers are easy to carry by means of a clothes hanger. The plastic protective covers can also be ordered on a roll with handy tear-off perforations. You tear off the covers and you can immediately store any item of clothing, regardless of size. Garment production companies, wholesalers and dry cleaners use the transparent garment covers to protect the garments during transport and storage. 

Order plastic protective covers directly 

Do you need the plastic protective covers quickly or require only a small quantity? We have the plastic protective covers in stock. We can deliver the protective covers from 500 pieces within 24 hours.   


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