Personalised luxury magnetic boxes 


Printed luxury magnetic boxes custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for luxury packaging for your products or gifts? Then choose our custom-made magnetic boxes. The magnetic boxes are available in various designs and are completely custom-made and produced for you, in order for the box to perfectly fit your products. The luxury magnetic boxes are very popular and contribute to the experience of the customer, the unboxing experience is becoming increasingly important for consumers. Below you can read more about the different versions and options for designing your own luxury magnetic boxes. Be inspired without obligation! 

5 advantages of luxury magnetic boxes

  1. Luxury magnetic boxes are often reused by your customer and can therefore be called sustainable; 
  2. Luxury magnetic boxes are completely tailor-made so that they will match your product perfectly; 
  3. Luxury magnetic boxes can be provided with an inlay for your products; 
  4. Luxury magnetic boxes can be printed in any colour and can be finished in many different ways; 
  5. Luxury magnetic boxes contribute to the unboxing experience of the customer, this is becoming increasingly important; 

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Use of luxury magnetic boxes 

The luxury magnetic boxes are suitable for many different purposes. There are magnetic boxes that are tailor-made for a bottle of wine or champagne, but this is also a much-bought product for luxury fashion stores, shoe stores, cosmetic stores and chocolate stores. The box is fully customizable and will perfectly fit your product. If you have products such as a bottle of perfume that must fit perfectly in the box, you can choose a cardboard inlay or foam inlay. These can be punched out on the measurements of your products so that it fits well. The luxury magnetic boxes are mainly used to give your customers an extra experience. Because the luxury magnetic boxes are made of strong cardboard, the box will be used more often by your customers and your name / brand will not quickly be forgotten. 


Delivery time 

With our own production of luxury magnetic boxes, we can deliver them completely customized within 10-12 weeks. Often a tailor-made model is sent to you which you will receive within 3-4 weeks. After approval on this model, the delivery time is approximately 9-10 weeks. The minimum order for the production of these custom magnetic boxes is 500 pieces. Do you need the boxes fast or require smaller quantities? We have the largest range of luxury boxes in Europe in stock, in no less than nine different colours and materials! We can print these with your name or logo from 25 pieces. In addition, this can be delivered to you within 1-3 working days. Take a look at our extensive range below. 


Sustainable luxury magnetic boxes 

The cardboard of the luxury magnetic boxes is always made from recycled material. The boxes are covered with FSC® certified paper. We see that customers reuse the luxury magnetic boxes more often for storage of other products, for this reason the boxes can also be called sustainable. 

As of September 1, 2021, we have taken a sustainable but also necessary step in the field of paper packaging. All newly produced paper bags and boxes that we import from outside the EU will be FSC® certified. With this step we work entirely in accordance with EUTR legislation. 

Material of luxury magnetic boxes

The thickness of the material depends on the size of the box, the product you want to package in the box and of course also the appearance of the luxury box. The grammage of the carton varies between 800 grams and 1400 grams cardboard. This cardboard is covered with paper on the inside and outside. You can choose recycled paper or FSC® certified paper. In this way you can show that you are environmentally aware and that you have as little impact on the environment as possible. The box can also be covered with black kraft paper. We also have another environmentally friendly alternative, namely ZEROTREE® paper. This paper is not made from trees, but for example from straw. The paper is then provided with a straw fibre. These boxes are very unique because the straw fibres all have their own size and thickness. The luxury magnetic boxes can be printed all-over on both the inside and outside, so that they can also be supplied in your desired PANTONE® colours. For an extra luxurious finish, the luxury magnetic boxes can be finished with a gloss or matt laminate and are immediately protected against splashes of water and are easily cleaned. In addition, we also supply boxes with a soft touch laminate, this gives a unique look, but more importantly, a unique feeling because they feel very soft. 


Printing luxury magnetic boxes

The luxury magnetic boxes are usually printed by means of offset or screen printing. With offset printing we can print a full colour logo or razor-sharp image on both the inside and the outside of the box. Screen printing is often used when a logo in 1 colour is printed on a surface, such as black kraft paper. The luxury magnetic boxes can be finished in all kinds of ways, turning the boxes into real gift packaging. These luxury boxes are so editable that there is always a solution that suits your needs. You can think of adding a hot stamp, this is a luxury foil stamping which can be published on your logo or text. This gives the box an exclusive look. Another option is a spot UV, this is a transparent glossy layer which is applied on your logo or text. In addition, it is also possible to emboss or deboss your logo or text. With embossing your logo or text is printed outwards and with debossing inwards. You can also choose to provide the luxury magnetic boxes with "flocking". Your logo is cut out in a velvet material which is glued to the box. This gives these gift boxes a particularly luxurious look. See the different luxury finishes below. 

Models of luxury magnetic boxes

The luxury magnetic boxes can be produced in many different ways. The most common magnetic box is the model with four adhesive strips (model 2). This model is delivered flat, so you will lose less space than with a set up box. The box is easily set up by existing folding lines and is fastened by means of four strong adhesive strips which you can easily peel off. If you opt for boxes with a cardboard or foam inlay, then it is better to choose model six, this is an already ensembled magnetic box with a cover. The inlay is supplied in the box and you do not have to insert it yourself. The boxes can be finished with a luxurious satin ribbon or a large ribbon, a transparent window in the lid or an inlay. Because the boxes can be custom made, you can discuss all your wishes because there are many options. The luxury magnetic boxes can be printed in any PANTONE® colour, but a full colour photo or image is also possible. Another option is to opt for a paper sleeve that can be placed around the boxes. This sleeve can also be printed in any desired colour. 

Inlays for the luxury magnetic boxes 

With the luxury magnetic boxes, an inlay is often chosen on the inside of the box. For the material of the inlay, you can choose paper or cardboard or soft foam material. For an extra luxurious look, the foam can be provided with a velvet top. The foam inlay is very suitable for perfume bottles or other fragile items as it will protect your product. The inlay is completely tailor-made based on your submitted products / samples. The height of the inlay can also be customized. The paper or cardboard inlay is suitable for products such as a book or as a separation in the box. With this inlay you can choose to print it in your PANTONE® colour, so that it matches the rest of the luxury box nicely. You can also choose to provide the luxury magnetic boxes with a compartment division. This allows you to for example place a bottle of wine on one side and a book or other matching product on the other. If you would like to receive more information about this, please feel free to inquire about the possibilities. We like to brainstorm together about the possibilities!  

Order magnetic boxes directly 

We can proudly mention to have the largest assortment of luxury boxes in Europe! We can print luxury boxes with your logo or design and deliver them to you within 1-3 working days. Looking for a small quantity? No problem, we can print this from 25 pieces in our own screen printing. We have no fewer than nine different colours and materials in stock in six different sizes. In addition, we also have various ECO options in stock, such as our luxury magnetic boxes which are covered with straw paper for a unique eco-look. 


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