Personalised paper gift bags

Paper pouches with logo

Are you looking for paper bags for packaging, accessories, jewellery, postcards or other items? Then our flat paper pouches are perfect for you. Flat paper pouches have a flap of 1.5 cm and a sticky seam on the back of the pouch. The flat paper pouches are made from recycled brown or white kraft paper and we can supply FSC® certified. View all the options of the flat paper pouches below. 

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Paper gift pouches with flap with logo

Are you looking for bags for packaging your gifts or presents? Then choose our custom-made Paper gift pouches with flap. These gift bags are available in all kinds of designs, materials and qualities and can be put together according to your wishes. Think of the size of the paper bags, the thickness of the material and the print. Are you looking for an environmentally friendly paper bag? We also offer you the option of choosing recycled kraft or FSC® certified kraft. View all the possibilities of the paper bags with flap closure below. 

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Satin pouches with logo

Are you looking for printed satin pouches to use as gift packaging? Then choose our custom-made satin pouches. We produce and print your personalized satin pouches according to your own wishes. Think of the size, colour of the satin, the cords and the printing. View all options of the satin pouches below. 

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Organza pouches

Are you looking for printing luxury gift pouches? Then choose our custom-made organza pouches. Organza pouches, also often called gift bags, have a luxurious look and are therefore very suitable for packing gifts, such as a small jewellery box, watch box, a bar of soap or luxury candle. This is also a popular item for weddings where you can place a thank you note in for the guests. The organza pouches are completely custom made for you. So, you can determine the size of the pounches yourself, but also the colour of the material. View all designs and options for printing organza pouches below.  

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Cotton pouches with logo

Are you looking for printed cotton pouches that you can use as gift wrapping? Take a look at our cotton pouches which we can tailor-make for you. Cotton pouches are a popular product due to their ECO look and are increasingly emerging as gift packaging. We can make the cotton pouches in any size for you, so that it fits perfectly around your product. In addition to the format, we can produce the material, the cords, the colour and the printing according to your wishes. View all options of the cotton pouches below. 

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Printed plastic pouches with logo

Are you looking for plastic pouches with a print on them to place your products or accessories in? Then choose our custom-made printed plastic pouches. Our printed plastic pouches can be used for all kinds of purposes and are ideal to act as protective pouches or as transport pouches. We can produce and design the printed plastic pouches entirely according to your wishes. Think of the type of plastic material, model, size, type of closure and printing. View all the options for printing plastic pouches below. 

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