Personalised PVC pouches


Printed PVC pouches custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for insert sleeves or strong plastic pouches? Then choose our custom tailored PVC pouches. PVC pouches are strong and flexible pouches and ideal for inserting and closing documents or products. We can produce and print the custom-made PVC pouches entirely according to your wishes. Consider the thickness and colour of the PVC material, the model, size, type of closure and printing. View all the options for printing PVC pouches below. 

5 advantages of PVC pouches

  1. PVC pouches are strong and flexible; 
  2. PVC pouches are reusable and durable; 
  3. PVC pouches can be printed with your logo or company name; 
  4. PVC pouches are water-resistant; 
  5. PVC pouches can be easily closed by, for example, a zipper, a slider grip closure or a press stud. 


Use of PVC pouches

PVC pouches are mainly used to temporarily store or transport products or documents. Think of travel documents, holiday park brochures, medical documentation and city maps. Because of the strong PVC material, these pouches are extremely good to use as protective covers and transport covers. In addition to documentation, PVC pouches are also used in the clothing industry, cosmetics industry and the jewellery industry. Some examples for which the PVC pouches are used are; to package boxer shorts, to transport jewellery / watches or as use for a toiletry bag. 

Delivery time

With our own custom production, we can produce your printed PVC pouches from 1,000 pieces in any desired size / model / finish / printing with a delivery time of approx. 12 weeks. Request a no-obligation quote here. 

Material of PVC pouches 

PVC pouches are produced from PVC material. This is a plastic material, and the abbreviation PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. PVC material is not only used for pouches, but also often used for floors such as the well-known vinyl floors. PVC material is a flexible and strong material which is water-repellent. That is why PVC pouches are often used as a protective cover or as a transport cover for documentation or other items. PVC pouches can be produced in any desired thickness. Usually, PVC sleeves are made of transparent or semi-transparent material. But we can also make the PVC sleeves from coloured PVC material. Besides the fact that PVC pouches are reusable, PVC material is also 100% recyclable when the PVC material is collected with other PVC material. In this way PVC pouches are durable. 

Models of PVC pouches 

We can produce your custom-made printed PVC pouches in any desired design and finish. Because you can determine the model and size yourself, we can produce your PVC pouches for any purpose. The PVC pouches can be closed in different ways. Some examples of the closures are: 
  • PVC pouches with a slider grip closure; 
  • PVC pouches with a press stud as closure; 
  • PVC pouches with a zipper. 

Printing PVC pouches 

We can print PVC pouches in any desired printing. It is easy to print your logo or text on PVC pouches and there are several ways to print these pouches. The most common printing techniques for PVC pouches are: 
  • Screen printing in which full PANTONE® colours are printed on the PVC pouches; 
  • UV print where a photo print is printed on the PVC pouches; 
  • Sublimation printing where a Full Colour printing is realized on the PVC pouches.
The advantage of printed PVC pouches is that you generate more brand awareness for your product, brand or company name. 

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