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Printed PVC cooler bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for a luxury reusable cooler bag for a bottle of wine or champagne? Then take a look at these luxury PVC cooler bags. Luxury PVC cooler bags are often used in the catering industry, event industry and by wine professionals. The cooler bags are made of PVC. These PVC cooler bags are strong and can be used again and again. Transparent PVC cooler bags are a trend right now. The bags are a fun and practical alternative to a regular wine cooler or ice bucket. Whether you are sitting at a trendy beach club in Scheveningen or on a terrace in Amsterdam, this transparent PVC cooler bag returns everywhere. In addition, you can also give the cooler bags to your guests when the bottle of wine or champagne is not yet empty. This way your guest can enjoy a nice afterglow at home. 

5 advantages of luxury PVC cooler bags 

  1. Transparent PVC cooler bags are the trend of the moment; 
  2. PVC cooler bags are very strong and can be used again and again; 
  3. You can customize and style the PVC cooler bags to your liking so that it suits you perfectly; 
  4. Luxury PVC cooler bags are available in any size and can and used for different occasions; 
  5. The PVC cooler bags are waterproof. This prevents melted ice water from escaping from the bag. 

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Use of luxury PVC cooler bags 

The luxury PVC cooler bags are often used by the catering industry, wine professionals and the event industry. Ideal for cooling, carrying and promoting your champagne and wine bottles. The bags are light, foldable, practical, reusable, waterproof and affordable. Convinced of all the benefits? Request a quote right away or contact us for all options. 


Delivery time 

We supply luxury PVC cooler bags from our own production. This makes almost anything possible. Consider, for example, different material colours or special finishes. We can deliver these luxury PVC cooler bags within 10-12 weeks. The minimum edition for these trendy bags is 500 pieces. Do you need the bags faster? We have the option to have some of them flown in. The cooler bags then have a delivery time of approximately 5-6 weeks. 


Models of PVC cooler bags 

The PVC cooler bags are available in any desired size. Consider the amount of bottles you want to cool or what size bottle should fit in. The PVC cooler bags are provided with two knotted tubes. This allows you to easily carry and transport the cooler bags with a bottle of wine or champagne. Other shapes are of course also possible. How about a PVC cooler bag in the shape of an ice bucket? 

Printed luxury PVC cooler bags 

Luxury PVC cooler bags are printed by means of screen printing. You can have your logo printed on one or two sides. The bags can be printed in any PANTONE® colour. In addition to screen printing, it is also possible to print bags by means of transfer printing. This is a printing technique in which the printing is first printed on a foil. The print is transferred to the PVC bag under high pressure and temperature. This is often used for an image or a full colour design. The image has a white background, which makes the print stand out better. In addition to printing the bag, you can also adjust the colour of the material to your wishes. This way you give the bags a unique look. The minimum print run of PVC cooler bags is 500 pieces. 


Material of luxury PVC cooler bags 

The luxury PVC cooler bags can be made in different thicknesses. For example, 0.15mm or 0.20mm PVC, depending on how sturdy you want the bag. The most common colours are transparent, white or black PVC. PVC is a relatively cheap material which is very strong and lasts a long time. This means that PVC bags have an excellent price / quality ratio. You can choose to go for both a matte look and a glossy look. Are you looking for a specific colour? Then contact us for the possibilities. 

Sustainable luxury PVC cooler bags

PVC cooler bags are super strong and last a long time, the bag can be used again and again. The PVC bags do not wear out and can take a beating. In addition, the PVC bags are waterproof. This way the melted ice cannot escape from the bag. Because the bags are reusable, the PVC bag is a sustainable choice. 

Order luxury PVC cooler bags directly 

PVC cooler bags are only available on request. We do have various products for bottles of wine that we can deliver directly from stock. Consider, for example, wine bags or wine boxes which we can deliver within 24 hours. We can supply these both printed and unprinted from 25 pieces. 

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