Personalised nylon garment bags


Printed nylon garment bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for luxury garment bags or luxury suit garment bags? Then choose our custom-made nylon garment bags. The nylon garment bags are the crème de la crème of suit garment bags and ideal for wrapping a suit or nice coat. We custom produce the luxury nylon garment bags and therefore they can be put together according to your own wishes. Think of the size, colour of the nylon material, the piping, zipper, loops, extra shirt compartment and the printing. View all the possibilities of the nylon garment bags below. 

5 advantages of nylon garment bags

  1. Nylon garment bags are the fanciest garment and suit bags available; 
  2. Because of the sturdy and durable material, garment bags are reusable, water resistant and can take a beating; 
  3. Nylon garment bags can be printed from 500 pieces; 
  4. Nylon garment bags are perfect advertising packaging for your luxury clothing brand or luxury fashion store; 
  5. Nylon garment bags can be custom-made and printed.  

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Use of nylon garment bags 

Nylon garment bags are perfect to use as luxury suit bag or as luxury coat bag. The nylon material is a thick and sturdy material which gives the garment bag a rich and full body appearance. It is not without reason that the luxurious printed nylon garment bags are often used in the top segment of the clothing stores and clothing brands. Besides the fact that the luxury nylon garment bags are ideal as a marketing item, these suit bags are ideal to use as a protective cover and transport cover, for example during a holiday or a business trip. The luxurious nylon garment bags ensure that your suit, shirt or jacket remains protected against rain and dirt. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom-made production, we can deliver your printed nylon garment bags from 500 pieces within 12-14 weeks. Do you need garment bags faster? We can supply various materials for garment bags from stock within 1-3 working days, both with and without printing. Click here to order our garment bags from stock. 


Material of nylon garment bags  

We produce the nylon garment bags from sturdy and strong nylon material in a thickness of 600D. Nylon material is available in various standard colours. In this way you can choose the right colour nylon material that fits well with your brand or corporate identity. Due to the thick material used in the production of these suit bags, the nylon garment bags are resistant to rain and rough transport. The durable material ensures that these luxury garment bags are reusable and difficult to damage. 

Printing budget plastic bags

The luxurious nylon garment bags are printed by means of silkscreen. This allows us to print the name of your store or your clothing brand in full PANTONE® colours. The best thing is to only print the print in 1 or 2 PANTONE® colours on the garment bags. In this way, your logo or text will stand out best. Printed nylon garment bags or suit bags are perfect for advertising. The printed garment bags are often used and taken by businessmen and women to transport their suits and shirts. In this way, your printed garment bag can often be found in hotels, airports and on the street, promoting your store or clothing brand. 


Finishing, loops and model nylon garment bags 

Because we produce and print the nylon garment bags custom-made, you can decide for yourself how you want the model, size, finish and handles of these costume bags. We pay attention to the following elements during the production process to make your printed garment bag as luxurious and practical as possible: 
  • The model (rectangular or oval); 
  • The size of the garment bag, namely the length and any depth / side fold; 
  • The loops, the material and the style thereof; 
  • The piping, the material and the style thereof; 
  • The handles, for example, sturdy nylon webbing loops; 
  • The closure, namely the zipper; 
  • The top opening for the clothes hanger that goes through it; 
  • The eyelet at the bottom of the garment bag so that you can fold the cover in half and put the clothes hanger through it again; 
  • An extra storage compartment including a zipper to store an extra shirt, a pair of shoes or a belt, for example; 
  • An insert pocket for a business card; 
  • A viewing window to quickly see which colour suit is in the garment bag; 
  • Press studs to press the garment cover when the cover is folded.

Order nylon garment bags directly 

Do you need the garment bags fast, or require only a small quantity? We have garment bags and costume bags in various sizes and materials in stock. This allows us to deliver both unprinted and printed garment bags within 1-3 working days. Click here to order your garment bags directly from stock. 


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