Personalised cardboard pillow boxes


Printed cardboard pillow boxes custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for boxes for festive packaging of your gifts? Then choose our custom-made cardboard pillow boxes. The cardboard pillow boxes are ideal to use as gift wrapping for various products. These gift boxes can be put together according to your wishes. Think of the format, material, thickness, and print. Did you know that we also produce cardboard pillow boxes from sustainable materials? For example, we can make our cardboard pillow boxes from recycled cardboard / paper or FSC® certified material. View all the possibilities of the cardboard pillow boxes below. 

5 advantages of cardboard pillow boxes

  1. Cardboard pillow boxes are delivered flat, so take up little storage space; 
  2. Cardboard pillow boxes are custom made, making them suitable for both large (pillows / coats) and small (gift card / romper) products; 
  3. Cardboard pillow boxes can be finished with, for example, a hot stamp or spot UV for a luxurious look; 
  4. Cardboard pillow boxes can also be produced with a punched-out handle for extra comfort; 
  5. Cardboard pillow boxes are available in FSC® certified paper and recycled paper; 

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Use of cardboard pillow boxes 

Cardboard pillow boxes are often used for packaging various gifts and also serves as protection for the product. These gift boxes are made to measure so that it can perfectly match your product. The cardboard pillow boxes are therefore suitable for packaging large items, such as a pillow or jacket, but also for small products such as a romper or a gift voucher. By adding a handle to the top of the pillow boxes, the box can easily be carried by hand. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver your printed cardboard pillow boxes from 500 pieces within 10-12 weeks. Are you looking for a smaller quantity or do you need a gift box quickly? Then look in our web shop for an alternative product. 


Ecological cardboard pillow boxes 

Cardboard pillow boxes are durable because they can be reused more often as gift wrapping or to store items. In addition, the cardboard pillow boxes can be made from recycled kraft paper.

As of September 1, 2021, we have taken a sustainable but also necessary step in the field of paper packaging. All newly produced paper bags and boxes that we import from outside the EU will be FSC® certified. With this step we work entirely in accordance with EUTR legislation.

Material of cardboard pillow boxes

The cardboard pillow boxes are made of sturdy paper / cardboard with a thickness of at least 300 grams of paper. Are you using a larger format pillow box, or do you want a more luxurious look? Then 400- or 500-grams paper is also possible. The material is white or brown kraft paper. In addition, the gift boxes can be finished with a gloss or matt laminate. This gives these boxes an extra chic look. 


Printing cardboard pillow boxes

The cardboard pillow boxes can be printed in both PANTONE® colour and full colour. Because the cardboard pillow boxes are printed in offset, the entire outside can be printed all-over. We can also print the pillow boxes with special effects such as a hot stamp printing (also called foil printing), a SPOT UV printing (glossy lacquer layer) or with an embossing / debossing where part of the printing is pushed outwards or inwards, creating a relief.  

Models of cardboard pillow boxes

The cardboard pillow boxes can be produced in any size. To easily open the pillow box, a thumb hole is often chosen on both sides of the box. Do you want the customers to be able to carry the pillow box in their hand? This can be done by providing the top of the cardboard pillow boxes with a punched-out handle. You have also come to the right place for special effects, such as eyelets with a laced ribbon, a window or a ribbon around the boxes. A nice additional advantage of these pillow boxes is that they are delivered flat. This saves you storage space and the pillow boxes can easily be placed in your warehouse or under the counter in the store. 

Order cardboard pillow boxes directly 

Do you need the pillow boxes quickly or require only a small amount? We have different models and colours in stock. We can deliver these luxury boxes directly from stock, both with and without printing, within 1-3 working days. Click here to order your unprinted or printed luxury boxes directly. 

Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of cardboard pillow boxes. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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