Personalised PVC sports bags


Printed PVC sports bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for a luxurious reusable sports bag? Then take a look at our PVC sports bags. These bags can be used for any desired sport. The PVC sports bags are strong and can be used again and again. This makes the bags last for seasons. The sports bags can be finished according to your wishes. Consider the colour, print, size and rods. The sturdy material protects your sports equipment against water and dirt. View the designs and options for printing luxury PVC sports bags below. 

5 advantages of PVC sports bags

  1. PVC sports bags are water and dirt resistant; 
  2. PVC sports bags are very strong and can be used again and again; 
  3. PVC sports bags can be adjusted and styled to your liking; 
  4. PVC sports bags are available in any size and can be used for different purposes; 
  5. PVC sports bags can be reused by your customers or members, this makes the choice for the PVC bag a good marketing tool. 

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Use of PVC sports bags 

The PVC sports bags can be used for all sports. For example, for fitness, swimming, hockey, tennis or football. The bag can also be used as a weekend bag. PVC bags can be provided with a zipper and a shoulder strap, so that you can easily take them with you. Optionally, you can also opt for an inner pocket for storing keys or a mobile phone. We can make any size or shape, so the bag fits perfectly with the relevant sport.


Delivery time 

We have our own production for making PVC sports bags. This makes almost anything possible. Consider, for example, different material colours or special finishes. We can deliver these PVC sports bags within 10-12 weeks. The minimum print run for bags is 300 pieces. Do you have less time? We have the option to have some of them flown in for you. The bags can then be delivered within 5-6 weeks. 


Execution of PVC sports bags 

The PVC sports bags are available in different sizes. We can produce any size you want. In addition, we can supply the bags in various designs, such as a shoulder bag or a handbag. You can design the sports bags with, for example, a zipper, a longer loop or a label on the inside or outside. You can also provide the bag with an extra storage compartment, for a telephone or keys. 

Printed PVC sports bags 

PVC sports bags are mainly printed by screen printing. This is a printing technique that provides opaque printing colours. You can have your logo printed on 1 or 2 sides. The bags can be printed in any PANTONE® colour. In addition to screen printing, it is also possible to print the bags by means of transfer printing. This is a digital printing technique in which the print is first printed on a foil. The print is then transferred to the PVC material under high pressure and temperature. This can also be done in any PMS colour, but this technique is often used for an image or a full colour design. The image has a white background so that the print comes into its own. The minimum edition of the custom-made PVC sports bag is 300 pieces. 


Material of PVC sports bags 

The PVC sports bags can be made in different thicknesses. The most common colours are white, black or transparent PVC. The thickness can be different from 0.15mm or 0.20mm PVC, depending on how sturdy you would like the bag to be. PVC is a relatively inexpensive material which is very strong and lasts a long time. This means that PVC bags have an excellent price / quality ratio. You can choose to go for a matte look or a glossy look, depending on the look you want. In addition to white, black or transparent, there are various options in terms of material colour. Everything is possible, even fluorine! Are you looking for a specific colour? Please contact us to discuss the options. 

Sustainable PVC sports bags

PVC sports bags are super strong and last a long time, the bag can be used again and again. The bags will not wear out and can take a beating. In addition, the PVC bags are also water and dirt resistant. Because the bags are reusable and last a long time, the choice of the PVC sports bag is a sustainable choice. 

Order PVC sports bags directly  

Are you looking for PVC sports bags which we can deliver within 1-3 working days? We have two different PVC sports bags in stock. These can be printed with your logo on the front and back and are available from 25 pieces. Curious about these bags? View the bags in our webshop. 

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