Packaging concepts


We have developed an exclusive and sustainable packaging line for THE SOCIETY SHOP. The concept is mainly inspired by the new corporate identity of the stores. This means that the stylish look & feel is always reflected in the details of the packaging. In addition, all of the packaging are produced with recycled materials and/or sustainable reusable materials. Be inspired below by the beautiful luxury packaging line from THE SOCIETY SHOP.  

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LOVE Stories

We have been able to produce a trendy and sustainable packaging line for LOVE Stories. An innovative concept has been created together with the designers of LOVE Stories. This concept is inspired by the colors from the new LOVE Stories collection and has a contemporary look and feel. The complete packaging line is made from sustainable materials, such as FSC® certified paper or recycled plastic to keep the carbon footprint as small as possible. Get inspired by the colorful packaging of LOVE Stories below. 

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Restaurant Johannes Kok

Restaurant Johannes Kok is located on the bustling waterfront of Harderwijk. The restaurant is busy all year round for lunch and dinner. In addition to the restaurant, there is also a large terrace and a fish shop, which are frequently visited in summer. FF-PACKAGING supplies various food packaging and gift packaging that can be used 7 days a week for the restaurant, the terrace and the fish shop. Not just any packaging, but a sustainable packaging line especially for restaurants and bars.

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DENHAM THE JEANMAKER is one of the trendiest jeans brand at the moment in Europe and Japan. Recognizable by the well-known scissors, subtly printed on their jeans and other clothing. FF-PACKAGING has been a fan of DENHAM for many years we are proud to deliver the entire packaging concept to DENHAM. From luxury paper bags to shipping boxes, from invoice holders to printed labels. Be inspired below by their beautifully and trendy packaging line, where the slogan "The truth is in the details" has always been kept in mind.

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Tasting Collection

We have designed a beautiful packaging line for Tasting Collection. The concept is inspired by the sleek house style colors of the Tasting Collection and has an exclusive look. The entire packaging line is made from sustainable materials, such as FSC® certified paper and are reusable. Get inspired below by the exclusive packaging of Tasting Collection.

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Palace het Loo

After a renovation of more than 4 years, it was April 15, 2022, Palace Het Loo has reopened its doors. The interiors have been restored and the rooms redecorated. 

For this reopening, Palace Het Loo was looking for a new packaging line that matched their new house style. We are proud to announce that Palace Het Loo has decided to order the new collection of packaging materials from us. The result we delivered is a beautiful concept that is completely in touch with the new corporatie identity of Palace Het Loo. 

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