We have developed an exclusive and sustainable packaging line for THE SOCIETY SHOP. The concept is mainly inspired by the new corporate identity of the stores. This means that the stylish look & feel is always reflected in the details of the packaging. In addition, all of the packaging are produced with recycled materials and/or sustainable reusable materials. Be inspired below by the beautiful luxury packaging line from THE SOCIETY SHOP.  

Luxury paper bags

The luxury paper bags from THE SOCIETY SHOP are produced from recycled duplex paper; inside brown recycled paper and the outside is made from white recycled paper. By using duplex paper, we can show the desired printing color (in this case yellow) on the white side of the paper, as shown in the photo. The logo has golden hot stamp details, a color that subtly returns can be found in the shops. The paper material has a ribbed/lined embossed structure, which looks and feels extra luxurious.

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Magnetic boxes

The luxury magnetic boxes from THE SOCIETY SHOP are made from recycled cardboard. This is reflected on the inside and the sides of these luxury gift boxes. In addition, the magnetic boxes are very convenient in terms of storage and handling in the stores. The boxes are delivered unfolded and can be quickly folded together. These luxury boxes also have a embossed paper structure, just like the bags.

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Shipping boxes

THE SOCIETY SHOP shipping boxes are also made from recycled corrugated cardboard/paper, just like the luxury paper bags and magnetic boxes. Brown shipping boxes are less affected by dirt than white boxes during transport. In addition, the shipping boxes are printed on the inside and outside with the logo and house style. When opening the shipping box a real unboxing experience is created by the beautiful colors that meet you and the attention that has been paid to packaging your order.

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Printed stickers are prefect to finish a gift box like THE SOCIETY SHOP does with the tissue paper. Easy to use when sealing tissue paper, bags or boxes.

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Silk paper

The tissue paper from THE SOCIETY SHOP is made from beautiful thin silk paper and is used to wrap all of the garments. The logo of THE SOCIETY SHOP is printed on it in white. The white on white effect is also known as Ton-sur-Ton. This ensures that the logo is displayed subtly and chic on the tissue paper.

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Gift knot with stretch

The gift knot with stretch from THE SOCIETY SHOP is made from navy blue cotton and printed with the logo. The blue color is the same color used in THE SOCIETY SHOP's official logo. This cotton ribbon with stretch is used to close the luxury gift boxes and magnetic boxes. In this way a real gift is created.

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Non-woven Garment Bags

The non-woven garment bags from THE SOCIETE SHOP are used for business suits, jackets and suits. The non-woven garment bags are made from partially recycled non-woven and are reusable. The logo is printed at chest height. With the eyelet and the opening at the top of the cover it can easily be inserted into a clothing hanger and the cover can then be transported folded in half.

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Luxury Nylon Garment Bags

1 or 1, the term says it all. These exclusive sustainable garment bags from THE SOCIETY SHOP are made for tailor-made suits. The covers exudes luxury and it shows. The covers are equipped with carrying handles, an extra storage compartment with zipper and side folds so that several suits can be transported at the same time turn into. The strong nylon material is water resistant and can take a beating. The thick piping that is stitched all around ensures that these garment bags are indestructible.

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Invoice holders

The same sustainable recycled duplex paper is used for the invoice holders of THE SOCIETY SHOP as for the luxury paper bags. Yellow on the outside and brown on the inside. In this way, the new house style is continued in all packaging. The large invoice holders are used for all webshop orders. A packing slip, the invoice and any brochure are neatly placed in the large invoice holder, which is then placed in the shipping box. The small invoice holders are used in the stores. When purchasing your clothes and shoes, the receipt is neatly placed in the small invoice holder. 

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Sustainable shipping boxes also require a sustainable method to seal shipping boxes. Therefore THE SOCIETY SHOP uses paper tape made from recycled kraft paper for its shipping boxes. In this way, the entire shipping box including tape is 100% recyclable after use.

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Luxury nylon backpacks

Luxurious cool fashion calls for luxurious cool backpacks. Signed by the Ambassador of THE SOCIETY SHOP, Mister Ruud Gullit. These luxury backpacks are made from waterproof nylon material. This makes the backpacks solid and reusable. Perfect to use for sports or on holiday. The additional zippered storage compartment can be used to store accessories.

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