Personalised cutlery pouches with napkin


Custom printed cutlery pouch with napkin according to your wishes

Are you looking for printed cutlery bags, printed CTK pochettes or printed cutlery covers including a napkin? Then choose our custom printed cutlery pouches with napkin. Ideal for a restaurant, hotel, café, take-away or snack bar. We produce your custom-made cutlery bags with napkin according to your wishes. Think of the material, colour napkin and printing. View all the options of the printed cutlery bags with napkin below. 

5 advantages of printed cutlery bags with napkin 

  1. Cutlery pouches with napkin are practical and easy to use to cover tables;
  2. Printed cutlery pouches with napkin are a great advertising medium for your restaurant, eatery, hotel or other establishment;
  3. Printed cutlery pouches with napkin are 100% recyclable;
  4. Printed cutlery pouches are supplied with a napkin included;
  5. You can easily and quickly put your cutlery in the printed cutlery pouch with napkin. 


Use of cutlery bags with napkin

Our printed cutlery pouches with inserted napkin are used for dining outlets. Ideally the napkin is already inserted in the cutlery pouch and included in the delivery. We supply the cutlery pouches (also called cutlery covers with napkin and CTP pouches with napkin) mainly to hospitality-related places such as restaurants, beach bars, take-away shops, eateries, snack bars, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, amusement parks and zoos. The printed cutlery pouches with napkins are perfect for quickly putting in the cutlery and then setting the table. Because a pre-folded napkin has already been put in the cutlery pouch, this saves a lot of time compared to having to fold a napkin yourself. Especially in the high season when it is very busy, our printed cutlery pouches with napkin are very practical and popular. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom-made production, we can deliver your printed cutlery bags with napkin from 6,000 pieces within 4-5 weeks. The delivery time depends on the edition, the material and the printing. 


Models and finish cutlery bags with napkin 

We produce our cutlery pouches with napkin custom-made in one standard size, namely 8.5 cm. wide x 20 cm. high. All cutlery bags have an opening at the top of the bag in which a napkin has already been inserted. Cutlery, such as a fork and a knife, can also easily be inserted into this opening. It is also possible to have the cutlery pouches provided with an extra incision to insert the cutlery into another opening than at the top. The extra cut can be made straight (horizontally) or obliquely in a shape of a wave.

Printed cutlery pouches with napkin 

We print your cutlery pouches according to your wishes in accordance with your supplied artwork. Our cutlery pouches with inserted napkin can be printed all over in offset printing. In this way, the cutlery pouch can be printed all around according to your branding. Cutlery pouches made of white kraft paper are printed in full colour. This allows us to print all conceivable colours and photo prints on your cutlery bags. Cutlery bags made from brown eco kraft paper are only printed in one PANTONE colour. Printing your cutlery bags with napkin provides additional advertising for your establishment. 


Material of printed cutlery pouches with napkin

Our cutlery pouches with napkins consist of several materials. The cutlery pouch itself is made of white kraft paper or brown ecologically recycled kraft paper. The napkins that are pre-folded in the cutlery bags are made of 2-layer tissue paper, which is soft to the touch. Both the cutlery pouch and the napkin are 100% recyclable and can be thrown in the wastepaper entirely. In this way our printed cutlery bags are sustainable. 

Available colours of the inserted napkins 

We supply the printed cutlery pouches standardly with a 2-layer paper tissue napkin which is already folded and placed in the cutlery pouch. The size of the napkin is 23 x 39 cm. (unfolded). When ordering your custom-made printed cutlery pouches, you can choose a standard colour napkin yourself. The napkins are available in approx. 20 standard colours. 

Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of printed cutlery pouches with napkin. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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