Personalised luxury cooler bags 


Printed luxury cooler bags custom made according to your wishes

Luxury cooler bags are ideal for giving your store an extra service. By providing a luxury cooler bag with your logo, your customers can come back again and again for their weekly shopping. An ideal way to offer your customer a service and at the same time advertise outside of your store. With us you can order any type of cooler bag, whether this is a non-woven, PP woven, RPET, nylon or cotton cooler bag. View the different options below to find out which option suits you best. 

5 advantages of luxury cooler bags 

  1. Luxury cooler bags are ideal for providing service to your customers and at the same time advertising in the street scene;
  2. Luxury cooler bags are strong and last a long time;
  3. We can produce these luxury cooler bags from 500 pieces;
  4. Luxury cooler bags can be finished in an infinite number of ways, allowing you to assemble the bag exactly as you wish;
  5. Cooler bags are available in any size, so that it fits your product exactly. 

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Use of luxury cooler bags

As the word goes, cooler bags are used to keep your products cool when you go from A to B. You can have the bag custom produced, so that the use of the bag perfectly matches your product. Please note, a cooler bag does not cool your products, but keeps the heat outside the bag. The thicker the cooling material is, the longer it will keep the heat out of the bag. 


Delivery time 

Because we have our own custom-made production, we can deliver these bags to you within 10-12 weeks. With this delivery time you have a bag which is custom sized. Moreover, you can finish the cooler bag as you wish. Consider material colour, the handles and the printing. Do you need the bags faster? Then we can fly in a part for you and deliver it within 5-6 weeks. Need luxury cooler bags right away? Then take a look at our webshop, and we can deliver this printed within 1-3 working days. 


Versions of luxury cooler bags

The luxury cooler bags can be designed in different ways. They can be put together exactly to your liking. Consider, for example, the different options in terms of handles. This can be done in webbing, cotton, a leather look or jute. By playing around with the finishes you can give the bag a unique look that is recognized on the street. In addition, you can provide the cooler bags with a zipper on the top or completely around the flap. You can also provide the bag with a compartment division or an insert pocket.  

Custom printed luxury cooler bags 

Luxury cooler bags can be printed in different ways, depending on the choice of material. The most common printing technique is screen printing. From a simple print in one colour on the front and back to a logo in several printing colours. With this technique we can print in any PANTONE® colour. In this way we can perfectly match the logo with your house colour. Screen printing provides rich and deep colours to make your logo stand out. 


Material of luxury cooler bags 

A cooler bag is very strong and can certainly take a beating. The inside of the bag is finished with ALU foam, this can be in any desired thickness. The thicker the foam, the longer your product will be kept cool. Please note, a cooler bag does not cool your product, but stops the heat from the outside for as long as possible. You can choose from many different materials and finishes. Think for example of PP woven, non-woven, nylon, cotton or even jute! 
  • Nylon material gives a trendy look to your cooler bag and is very strong. We can supply this in many different colours, so that it fits exactly with the look you want. 
  • PP woven cooler bags are made of strong material. We can also completely print PP woven cool bags in your desired image or print.
  • Would you prefer a soft-touch material? Then take a look at a non-woven cooler bag. Non-woven is a soft material that feels nice. This material is available in more than 80 colours, so there is always a colour that suits your brand. 
  • You can achieve a more ecological look by opting for a cotton or jute cooler bag. The outside is made of cotton or jute, the inside is provided with ALU foam. This keeps your product cool for a while. We can colour the cotton and jute in any PANTONE® colour, so that the bag suits you perfectly. If you go for an eco-look, we advise you to keep the natural colour of the material. 
Are you curious about the possibilities and would you like to know more about the different material types? Please contact us so that we can show you the different options. 

Sustainable luxury cooler bags

Luxury cooler bags are reusable time and time again, which means that fewer disposable bags are used. A bag that is used continually is a sustainable option. We increasingly see that customers come to the store with their own bag. How nice is it when it is a bag with your logo on it! You can also opt for recycled materials to develop a sustainable bag. You can state this on the bag, so that your customer sees this has been thought through and that you take the environment into account. 

Order luxury cooler bags directly 

Do you need the cooler bags fast or do you require only a small amount? We can deliver it to you within 24 hours. This can be unprinted from our stock, but also printed with your logo! Take a look at our webshop for the different materials, colours and sizes. 

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