Personalised polyester rucksacks  


Printed polyester rucksacks custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for a bag that can be used well during sports, among other things? Then choose our custom-made polyester rucksacks. These polyester sports bags can be completely customized, so that you can determine the size yourself. You can also choose the colour of the material, the version (flap closure or drawstring closure) and the print. Read below about the options for printing polyester rucksacks.

5 advantages of polyester rucksacks

  1. Polyester rucksacks are made of strong material so that the rucksacks can often be reused; 
  2. Polyester rucksacks are very suitable for use as a sports bag; 
  3. Polyester rucksacks can also be provided with an ALU lining, so that they can also be used as a cooler bag;
  4. Polyester rucksacks can easily be worn over the shoulders due to the soft cords; 
  5. Polyester rucksacks are the perfect advertising medium.  

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Use of polyester rucksacks

Polyester rucksacks are the most sold rucksacks in the sports world. They are lightweight, do not absorb sweat odours and are washable at 30 degrees. they are also easy to close by means of a drawstring. Despite the light material, it can wear sportswear and trainers with ease without tearing. The polyester rucksacks is very suitable for frequent reuse. Also suitable for wet swimwear or as a school bag.  


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver polyester rucksacks within 10-12 weeks. The delivery time depends on the edition, printing and material. With screen printing from stock, we print on an existing polyester rucksacks, so that only a logo on one side is possible with a delivery time of approx. 10 working days. With the production of 12 weeks, it is also possible to have a part flown in within approx. 5-6 weeks. 


Polyester rucksacks version 

Polyester rucksacks are usually provided with 1 or 2 long strung cotton or PP cords. This is a soft material that can be worn comfortably in the hand or over the shoulder. If you choose 1 cord, the bag is easiest to carry over 1 shoulder. The advantage of 2 cords is that the bag can be worn over both shoulders like a rucksacks, which is a lot safer on the bike. A small eyelet has been applied around the cords, so that the material does not fray during use. The sports bag can be easily closed at the top due to the threaded cord. Optionally, you can choose an extra flap closure with a piece of Velcro. 

Printed polyester rucksacks 

The polyester rucksacks can be printed in all Pantone® colours and can be ordered in different colours of polyester material. The colour scheme therefore fits in well with your gym or brand. From a simple print in one colour on the front and back to a print in several colours at several print positions. The most common printing technique is screen printing. Screen printing ensures a colourfast and well-covering print. Do you have a photo or image that you would like to have printed on the sports bags? Depending on the design, this is printed in transfer printing or sublimation printing. The minimum print run for polyester rucksacks is 500 pieces. 


Polyester rucksacks material 

It is possible to choose from different polyester materials for printing polyester rucksacks. The most common grade is 190 T. polyester. For a slightly thicker quality and a more robust appearance, 210 D. is an alternative. You can choose from different standard colours. For an extra strong polyester rucksacks, there is the option to choose ribstop nylon polyester material. This is a weaving technique that makes the polyester material even stronger and more tear resistant. With this quality, extra options are also possible, such as an extra front pocket with zipper in which, for example, a mobile phone can be stored. 

Ecological polyester rucksacks

The polyester rucksacks will often be reused by your customers and for this reason can be called absolutely sustainable. In addition, the polyester material can be easily recycled. Are you looking for an ecological alternative? Please feel free to inquire about the options for recycled polyester or cotton rucksacks. 

Order direct polyester rucksacks 

Do you need the polyester rucksacks fast, or require only a small quantity? We have these directly available from stock. This allows us to deliver both unprinted and printed polyester rucksacks to you from 1-3 working days. Printed polyester rucksacks are printed in our own screen-printing facility. The front can be printed in 1 PANTONE® colour. Click here to order your polyester rucksacks directly. 

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