Lean & Green 

As a leading supplier of carrier bags and packaging, we believe it is important that our products are made under responsible and sustainable conditions, with attention for people and the environment. For example, workers must receive a fair wage and factories must work with environmentally friendly printing inks. We also think it is important that CO2 emissions remain as low as possible.

We are aware that we contribute to CO2 emissions by transporting our products around the world, by plane, boat, train or road by truck or delivery van. We would like to keep these emissions as low as possible. That is why we ask our transporters to take measures in this regard.  

UN Climate Agreement  

Emissions must be kept as low as possible because agreements have been made about this by the European Union. In the UN climate agreement in Paris in 2016, it was agreed that the European Member States need to reduce CO2 emission by 40% in 2030. The Netherlands has raised the bar even higher: not 40%, but 55% less CO2 emissions in 2030.

To achieve this objective, we at FF-PACKAGING make use of transporters who feel responsible for making a contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. They each take their measures. One of them is by joining Lean & Green. 


Lean & Green 

Lean & Green is the market leader in programs to reduce CO2 emissions for the logistics sector. Shippers, logistics service providers, retailers and forwarders, among others, can participate in this program.

This program draws up rules based on practical examples and the resources available for each company. It describes how the company can save costs and at the same time be made more sustainable, thus reducing CO2 emissions and creating awareness of the relationship between CO2 emissions and activities of the company.

More than 500 participants in 9 European countries are already using this program, including logistics service providers such as DHL or PostNL. FF-PACKAGING has been working closely with these companies for years.  

Choose Lean & Green  

Are you aware of your social role and do you feel the responsibility to do something with it? Maybe you want to become a participant or just learn more about Lean & Green. Then go to the website: www.lean-green.nl

Would you like to learn more about our role in Lean & Green? Please contact us by phone or send us an email.