Personalised paper pouches

Paper pouches with logo

Are you looking for paper bags for packaging, accessories, jewellery, postcards or other items? Then our paper pouches are perfect for you. Paper pouches have a flap of 1.5 cm and a sticky seam on the back of the pouch. The paper pouches are made from recycled brown or white kraft paper and we can supply FSC® certified. View all the options of the paper pouches below. 

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Paper gift pouches with flap with logo

Are you looking for bags for packaging your gifts or presents? Then choose our custom-made paper gift pouches with flap. These gift bags are available in all kinds of designs, materials and qualities and can be put together according to your wishes. Think of the size of the paper bags, the thickness of the material and the print. Are you looking for an environmentally friendly paper bag? We also offer you the option of choosing recycled kraft or FSC® certified kraft. View all the possibilities of the paper gift pouches with flap below. 

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