Personalised canvas bags


Printed canvas bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for printed canvas bags for your store, event or webshop? Then choose a canvas bag which we can custom produce for you. We have many options to put together a canvas bag according to your wishes. Think of the size, thickness and colour of the material, the handles and the finish of the bag. Canvas bags are strong and ecologically sound. We can also supply these canvas bags Fairtrade® or GOTS® certified. View all designs and options for the canvas bags below.  

5 advantages of canvas bags

  1. Canvas bags are very strong and last a long time; 
  2. Canvas bags are environmentally friendly, by ordering these bags you take the environment into account; 
  3. Canvas bags are fully customizable and can be produced in any finish and desired color; 
  4. Canvas bags bags are available in Fairtrade® or GOTS® certified cotton and are 100% recyclable; 
  5. Canvas bags are trendy bags that are currently very popular. 

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Use of canvas bags 

The use of canvas bags has a number of advantages. Canvas is a strong material. The canvas bags damage minimal and retains its strength after multiple use. The canvas bags can take a beating! When you sell or give away a canvas bag, you will regularly see the bag in the street. This way the user can enjoy this for a long time and the bags are reused. In addition, the canvas bag is the trend of the moment. It exudes an ECO look and is an environmentally conscious choice. 


Delivery time 

With our own production, we can deliver custom canvas bags within 14-16 weeks. The minimum edition for the custom-made production is 500 pieces. The bags can be designed according to your wishes during production. It is possible to receive a sample of the bag in advance, so that you know for sure which product you will receive. In addition, it is possible ship the bags by airplane. The delivery time is 7-8 weeks. You can save a lot of time with this. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 


Ecological canvas bags

Canvas bags are made from a natural material, cotton. The dense weave of the cotton creates a sturdy and strong material, this is called canvas. These bags have a long lifespan, which makes the bags very durable. Canvas bags are 100% recyclable. We can also supply the printed canvas bags with a Fairtrade® or GOTS® certificate. By choosing canvas bags with one of these certificates, you can show your consumer that you do business in a socially responsible manner. 

Material of canvas bags

There are several options for producing and printing canvas bags. You can design and assemble the bag yourself from start to finish. From 180 grams, cotton is officially called canvas. Most canvas bags have a weight between 220 and 320 grams of canvas. The higher the grammage, the thicker and firmer the canvas bag will feel. The thickness of the canvas material is often expressed in OZ (ounce). The most common material thickness is 10 OZ (285 grams). It is possible to colour the cotton, this is done with a water-based paint to be as environmentally friendly as possible. It is possible to produce the canvas tote bags and bags in any PANTONE® colour.  


Printing canvas bags

Canvas bags can be printed in all PANTONE® colours by using the screen printing method. It is also possible to match the printing colour with one of your other products. We can also print full colour by means of transfer, digital print or sublimation printing. With these printing techniques you can have an image, or a detailed print printed in colour. 
  • Screen printing 
    Screen printing is the most common used printing technique for printing cotton bags. Only printing with full PANTONE® colours is possible. The advantage of screen printing is that this printing technique ensures a colourfast and good covering print. The PANTONE® colour can also be printed well on a coloured background because the ink is quite thick on the bag. 
  • Transfer printing
    With transfer printing it is possible to print a full colour image or logo on the cotton bags. First, the design is printed on foil and this is then applied to the bag. This makes the printing tangible. 
  • Sublimation printing
    Sublimation printing is only possible on white polycotton material. The material is made of 80% cotton and 20% plastic. The great advantage of sublimation printing is that with this printing technique a full colour image can be perfectly printed on the cotton material. This print cannot be felt and is suitable for the washing machine. 
  • Digital print
    With digital print, the cotton bags are printed in full colour very quickly. This can be done on both natural ecru cotton and white coloured cotton. The colours are less bright and a bit fainter than with the above printing techniques. The biggest advantage is the speed of digital printing. The colour of the material affects the print. With a non-white background, the print will saturate with the colour of the material. 

Models of canvas bags 

The canvas bag can be executed in many different ways. You can compose it exactly as you wish. In terms of size, you can, for example, choose a bag with a bottom and side fold for a lot of space or a bag with only a bottom fold. The latter is also called a tote bag. This is a trendy bag that is often seen in the streets. The bags can be fitted with a long or short handle. It is securely fastened with a cross stitch in the cover of the canvas bags. 

Fairtrade® certified canvas  

We have been Fairtrade® certified since 2016. Our certificate number is: FLO ID 35254. By choosing a cotton or canvas bag with a Fairtrade® certificate, you help farmers and workers in developing countries to get a better place in the supply chain. The farmers and workers receive a fair price for their products and activities. Below you will find a video in which you can see what Fairtrade® exactly entails. 

GOTS® (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified canvas 

By ordering canvas or cotton bags with a GOTS® certificate, you choose organically grown cotton or canvas. The fabrics are made from natural and organic fibres. The production of the cotton complies to organic farming. In addition, the water that is used for the production of the material is purified and disposed of in a neat manner. This organization also keeps an eye on the social criteria. This means no child labour, compliance with the minimum wage and a safe working environment for the workers. Below you will find a video in which you can see what GOTS® means for our production. 


Order canvas bags directly 

Do you need fast or small quantities of canvas bags or tote bags? We have a wide range of canvas bags in stock. In addition to canvas, we also have other bags in stock which are made of a natural material. Think of cotton bags, recycled cotton bags and jute bags. Take a look at our stock for all our sizes, colours, finishes and different designs. We can print these bags with your logo from 100 pieces within 1-3 working days and deliver them to you. Click here to order your canvas bags directly. 


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