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Are you looking for a strong, trendy and durable bag? Then choose the felt bag. This is a bag that can be finished in endless ways. This way you can produce the bag exactly the way you want it. The endless options allow you to design a unique bag. The felt bag is trendy and timeless. The felt material is very strong and sturdy, so that the bag can be used for a long time. This makes the felt shopper a sustainable choice. View all designs and options for the felt bags below. 

5 advantages of felt bags

  1. The felt bags are very strong and last a long time, felt is a sturdy material; 
  2. The felt bag is a trendy elegant shopping bag, the look of this bag is timeless; 
  3. The felt bag is versatile and can be finished in endless ways; 
  4. The felt bag has a good price-quality ratio and can be printed and delivered from 50 pieces; 
  5. The felt bag is a sustainable choice, due to its long life.

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Use of felt bags 

Choosing a felt carrier bag has several advantages. The felt bag is a trendy product with a timeless look. The various finishing options make it a perfect bag to suit your target group. The felt shoppers are made of at least 220 grs. felt. This makes the bag very sturdy and ensures that the bag lasts a long time. This bag can withstand multiple uses and the consumer will enjoy it for a long time. The bag can hold a considerable volume, due to its strong finish and the use of sturdy felt. Felt is a material that is durable, has a trendy look and at the same time has a good price-quality ratio. 


Delivery time 

With our own production, we can deliver custom felt bags within 10-12 weeks. The minimum edition for the custom-made production is 500 pieces. You can put together these bags according to your wishes, everything is possible. It is possible to receive a sample of the bag in advance, so that you know for sure which product you will receive. In addition, it is possible to ship the bags by air transport. The delivery time is then 5-6 weeks. You can save a lot of time with this. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.  Would you like to receive felt bags printed with your logo on the flap within 24 hours? No problem! Take a look at our stock range, we can deliver these felt shopper bags from 50 pieces both with or without a print. Feel free to take a look at our webshop. 


Sustainable felt bags

The felt bag is a sustainable choice. This is because the bag can be used again and again, the bag has a long lifespan. The thicker the material, the stronger the bag and the longer the felt shopper will last. In this way you can respond to the No Waste trend which is becoming increasingly important. The felt carrier bag is therefore an environmentally conscious choice and with this you can show that you are doing business in a socially responsible manner. 

Printing felt bags

We can print the felt shoppers with your logo or design. This is done by means of screen printing. Screen printing is the most commonly used printing technique for printing felt carrier bags. Only a print with full PANTONE® colour is possible. The advantage of screen printing is that this printing technique ensures a colourfast and well-covering print. The PANTONE® colour can also be printed well on a coloured background because the ink is quite thick on the bag. In addition, it is possible to provide the bag with an embroidery, this is an embroidery on the felt. This gives the bag an extra luxurious look. You can also provide the bag with a label on the inside or outside, to showcase your logo again. 


Material of felt bags 

At least 220 grams of felt is used to produce a felt bag. This is a standard thickness and sturdy enough for multiple uses of a bag. If you are looking for a more luxurious bag, you can also choose 400 or 500 grams felt. With the use of a higher grammage of felt, you make the bag firmer and chicer. The material can be supplied in different colours. Most common is light grey, dark grey or black. We also have many other colours in our catalogue. This way you can give the bag your own twist and style to your liking. If you are curious about our options, please feel free to contact us. 

Models and handles of felt bags 

The felt bag has endless options when it comes to designs and finishes. This is perfect for styling your bag to make it exactly as you envision it. The many options allow you to give the felt shopper a unique twist.

The felt bags can be supplied in any size. The most common sizes are the felt shoppers with a bottom and side fold. These bags have a high carrying volume. This bag is ideal for shopping. Another popular version is the "tote" model. This is a model with only a bottom fold. In this way, the shape gives you the illusion of a cotton tote bag. This is an option that is currently seen a lot in the street scene. The felt bag is ideal for the beach! By resizing to a "trapezoid" style, this is the perfect beach bag. The top is wide, so you can store your belongings in here. Furthermore, the felt bag can also be supplied in the form of a sports bag. The bag is provided with a zipper at the top, so that the bag can be closed neatly.

The felt bag can be fitted with different types of handles. The most common is the felt handle with a length of 45 cm. This handle is long enough to carry the bag in your hand. The bag can also be fitted with a handle of 60 cm. This makes the handles long enough to easily carry the bag over the shoulder. It is also possible to finish the felt bag with a more luxurious handle. Think for example of PU leather (imitation leather) in different colours, webbing handles, thick round handles, handles in the material of a seat belt, We can attach the handles to the inside or outside of the bag. We do this by means of a sturdy cross stitching. In addition, it is possible to tie the loops through an eyelet. This gives a unique look to the bag. An eyelet is a metal ring that is punched into the material.

Additional finishes
In addition to the choice between construction, material, size and handles, you can also add extra luxury options to the felt shopper. For example, we can provide the bag with an extra compartment, for example for a telephone or laptop. This compartment can be fitted with a zipper so that your product is properly stored. In addition, the bag can be provided with a bottom insert, so that the bottom is extra strong. You can also provide the bag with studs at the bottom, so that the bottom of the bag is protected. The bag can be fitted with a press stud or a zipper at the top, so that the felt shopper can be closed. It is also possible to provide the bag with a label with your logo on the side. This can be done in various materials such as felt, PU leather or, for example, cotton. 

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Do you require the felt bags quickly or require a small amount? We stock various sizes, colours and finishes of felt shoppers. We stock bags with a side folded bottom, bags with a round bottom, shoulder bags and luxury felt shoppers with a thick cotton cord! We can deliver felt bags from 50 pieces with your logo or design, this can be done within 1-3 working days! If you are curious about our extensive stock, take a look here. 

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