Personalised cotton garment bags  


Custom made cotton garment bags  

Are you looking for cotton garment bags printed with your logo? We can tailor it for you and finish it entirely according to your wishes. We see cotton more and more in the street scene and the material is becoming more popular. You can bring or send your clothes or costume in a cotton garment bag. Are you curious about the different options? Take a look below. 

5 advantages of cotton garment bags 

  1. Cotton garment bags are the trend of the moment
  2. Cotton garment bags can be produced in any desired size
  3. Cotton garment bags are available in GOTS® or Fairtrade® cotton and are therefore a sustainable option
  4. Cotton garment bags can be made to measure for you from 300 pieces and finished according to your wishes
  5. By using a cotton garment bag you can show the customer that you have paid attention to the packaging of your product and gives you an environmentally conscious feeling;

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Use of cotton garment bags 

Garment bags are used to transport clothing after purchase. In this way, the clothing is well protected during transport. In addition, we often see garment bags being reused by consumers. For example, during a trip or to keep clothes neat in the car. The cotton garment bag is an ideal product to give your clothes extra luxury during the sale. Your customer can then experience that the product is handled with care. The cotton garment cover gives extra value to your garment. 


Delivery time for cotton garment bags 

The delivery time for a cotton garment bag from our own custom-made production is about 14-16 weeks. We can supply these from 300 pieces, completely tailor-made. Do you need the bags faster? No problem, we can deliver the garment bags to you within 6-8 weeks by flying in a part of your order. 


Model cotton garment bags 

The cotton garment bag can be made in all kinds of ways to make it entirely according to your wishes. The cover has an opening at the top for a clothes hanger and a zipper on the front to open it. In addition, you can choose to finish it with press studs, an eyelet, a transparent window or, for example, an insert for a name card. It is also possible to provide the cover with two handles, so that the cover can be easily carried. We also often see that people attach a label to the garment bag with the brand or the name of the store, this gives a luxurious effect. 

Printing cotton garment bags 

Cotton garment bags can be printed in all PANTONE® colours. This way you can adjust the garment bag to the look that suits your brand or company. We print the garment bags by means of screen printing. This is a printing technique with which we can print a full colour on the bag. We can print the bag on all sides, but also on multiple points per side. Are you curious about what your logo will look like on a cotton garment bag? Request a visual from one of our employees. 


Material of cotton garment bags  

You can determine the material for a garment bag yourself. Normally this goes from a minimum of 120 grams of cotton, this is a soft and thinner quality. Do you want a sturdy cover? Then choose 240 or 300 grams of cotton. We can supply this in both an unwashed ecru colour and in white and black coloured cotton. Are you looking for a cotton garment cover in a specific colour? No problem, we can colour any material in PANTONE® colour to match it perfectly with your branding. 

Ecological cotton garment bags 

The cotton garment bag can be called sustainable for several reasons. Cotton is a natural product that comes from the cotton plant. You can choose to make your garment bag extra durable, for example by choosing GOTS® or FAIRTRADE® certified cotton. By choosing GOTS® certified cotton, you choose to use organically grown cotton. The cotton must consist of 100% organic raw materials. With FAIRTRADE® certified cotton you choose to give all farmers and suppliers that contributed to the production of the cotton garment bag a fair price for their labour or product. 

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