Personalised non-woven wedding dress covers 


Custom made non-woven wedding dress covers 

Are you looking for a cover to protect wedding dresses? Then choose our custom made non-woven wedding dress covers. these covers are completely custom made, so you can determine the size yourself. For example, you can choose a size for the flower girl dresses or for an adult wedding dress. The non-woven material is available in different colours. It is also possible to choose different finishes, such as two stitched loops for extra comfort or adding a transparent window for a business card of your company. Read more below about the options for printing non-woven wedding dress covers. 

5 advantages of non-woven clothing covers 

  1. Non-woven wedding covers are very suitable for storing the wedding dress for years
  2. Non-woven wedding dress covers protect your dress from wrinkles, dust and splash water
  3. Non-woven wedding dress covers are completely custom made to perfectly match your product, from adult wedding dress to the flower girls’ dress
  4. Non-woven clothing covers are provided with an eyelet, so that you can hang the cover easily
  5. Non-woven clothing covers are 100% recyclable; 

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Use of non-woven wedding dress covers

The non-woven wedding dress covers are used to protect your wedding dress against dust, wrinkles and splash water during the drive home as well as in the weeks leading up to the big day. Moreover, afterwards it is also nice to store the bridal dress safely, the luxurious wedding dress covers are perfect for this. By adding an eyelet you can easily hang the cover. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver non-woven wedding dress covers from 300 pieces within 10-12 weeks. In addition, it is also possible to have a part fly in within 5-6 weeks. 


Models non-woven wedding dress covers 

The non-woven wedding dress covers can be made in any size. With the wedding dress covers it is customary to provide them with a side fold, so that they have more depth. This is recommended due to the volume of the dress. In addition, the wedding dress covers are provided with a zipper, so that the cover can be closed easily. Optionally, you can choose to provide the covers with carrying handles. The top of the cover has an opening, so you can put a clothes hanger in the cover. There are also many other options available, such as a transparent window at the front where you can insert your company card. 

Non-woven wedding dress covers printing 

The material of the non-woven wedding dress covers is available in many different colours. It is possible to print the wedding dress covers in any desired PANTONE® colour. This is possible with a simple print in one colour on one position up to multiple print colours and print positions. The most common printing technique for these non-woven bridal sleeves is screen printing. The advantage of screen printing is that an intense and bright PANTONE® colour can be printed. Would you like a full colour print on the non-woven material? Depending on your logo, this will be printed in transfer printing or sublimation printing. Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities. The minimum print run for custom non-woven wedding dress covers is 300 pieces. 


Material of non-woven wedding dress covers  

You can choose from different quality materials for the non-woven wedding dress covers. The most chosen material is 100 grams non-woven. Are you looking for a stronger quality? 120 grams and 150 grams non-woven are also possible. There is a choice of different colours of non-woven. Are you looking for a specific colour for the material? Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities. The non-woven material is made of polypropylene. 

Ecological non-woven wedding covers

Due to the strong non-woven material, the non-woven wedding dress covers can be reused more often. The customer can keep the wedding dress in the same sleeve for years. In addition, the non-woven material is 100% recyclable. Are you looking for an ecological alternative? Then it is also possible from 500 pieces to deliver the non-woven wedding dress covers in recycled material. 

Order directly non-woven wedding dress covers from stock 

Do you need the wedding dress covers fast or require only a small quantity? We offer wedding dress covers directly from stock. This allows us to deliver both unprinted and printed wedding sleeves to you within 1-3 working days. Click here to order your non-woven wedding dress covers directly. 

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