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Printed hang tags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for hang tags, manilla labels, manila tags, price cards or clothing labels? Then choose our custom printed hang tags. Hang tags are square or rectangular cards with a hole in them that a string can easily pass through to attach to a product or garment. Ideal for printing your prices or advertising. We can produce and print the hang tags entirely according to your wishes. Think of the size, colour, material, model and printing. View all the options for printing hang tags below. 

5 Advantages of Printed Hang Tags

  1. Printed hang tags are easy to attach to items of clothing, bags, flowers, candles or other products; 
  2. By using printed hang tags you communicate your message quickly and conspicuously; 
  3. Printed hang tags are ideal to use for SALE periods; 
  4. Printed hang tags can be printed and delivered quickly; 
  5. Printed hang tags are available in various sustainable ecological materials.  

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Use of printed hang tags 

Would you like to communicate prices, sizes, logo / brand, SALE, sustainable message or a wish message on your clothing, bags or other products? Then make efficient use of printed hang tags. Hang tags (also called price tags, hanging tags, Manila tags / tags labels hang labels) are easy to use as advertising or communication on your products. We have to deal with this every day. Take a look around a store and you will see a hang tag on many products. Because printed hangtags already contain a relevant message, you do not have to write down a message again by hand. Hang tags are also easy to attach thanks to the string that you can tie through the hole.


Delivery time 

With our own custom production we can produce your printed hang tags from 500 pieces in any desired size / model / finish / printing with a delivery time of approx. 5 weeks. Request a no-obligation quote here. We can also deliver unprinted hang tags from stock quickly from 100 pieces. Click here to order your unprinted hang tags directly. 


Finishes of printed hang tags

Hang tags can be finished in different models. For example, you can opt for a square label, but also for a rectangular label with or without two angled corners at the top. As standard we provide our hang tags with a hole (diameter to be determined by you) so that you can easily put a string around. We can place a ring around the hole if you like it. We can also supply your printed hang tags including a string or string.

Printed hang tags

Hang tags are easy to print with your own text, design, prices or brand. We print hang tags (manilla labels) and have the cards provided with a hole. By using printed hang tags, you can use these tags quickly and easily for your clothing or other products. You do not lose any time, for example by having to write something on the hang tags yourself, because they are already printed. We print hang tags using offset print or digital print, depending on the edition and artwork. In this way we can print your printed hang tags in both PANTONE® colours and Full Colour. Both the front and the back of the hang tags can be printed. We are happy to advise you in which way your hang tags can be printed. 


Material of printed hang tags 

We produce your printed hang tags in various materials. The thickness of the material is between 200 and 400 grs. paper. Below is a list of the most commonly used materials for hanging tags and hanging labels: 
  • Hang tags made from recycled brown kraft paper; 
  • Hang tags made of white or brown kraft paper; 
  • Hang tags made of white coated paper; 
  • Hang tags made from FSC® certified paper; 
  • Hang tags made of wood-free MC paper (matte or glossy); 
  • Hang tags made from ZEROTREE® paper; 
  • Hang tags made of laminated paper. 

Ecological printed hang tags

We can produce your printed hang tags based on sustainable ecological material. We produce printed hang tags made from ZEROTREE® paper, recycled kraft paper or FSC® certified paper. FF-PACKAGING is FSC® certified and our FSC® registration number is C124374. 

Order hang tags directly 

Do you need unprinted hang tags quickly or require only a small quantity? We have various models of hang tags / manilla labels in stock and are immediately available within 24 hours. Click here to order your unprinted hang tags, price labels and hanging tags directly. 

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