Personalised R-PET bags


Printed RPET bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for a strong shopper for your store or as a reusable bag? Then choose a sustainable RPET bag. This is a bag which is completely produced from recycled PET bottles. We can put this bag together according to your wishes. Consider, for example, the format, material, printing, handles and extra finishes. You can assemble this bag yourself from start to finish. View all options for RPET bags below. 

5 advantages of RPET bags

  1. RPET bags are made from recycled material, so you choose a sustainable way of doing business; 
  2. RPET bags are strong and can be used for a long time; 
  3. The printing options of RPET bags are sharp and strong, making the RPET shopper an ideal bag for your advertising; 
  4. We can supply RPET bags from 500 pieces in any size; 
  5. RPET bags are rainproof shopping bags; 

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Use of RPET bags 

The RPET shopper is often used as a shopping bag. In addition to the fact that this bag is sold at various supermarkets, this is also an ideal bag for, for example, a bakery, butcher or another type of grocery or drugstore. This bag will be taken by your customer again and again and will therefore be seen a lot on the street scene. The RPET shopper is ideal for multiple use. The bag can be provided with long or short handles to suit your store or product. The RPET shopper is an ideal marketing tool because of the printing options. 


Delivery time 

We can deliver these RPET bags within 10-12 weeks, printed with your logo or design. The minimum edition for a custom made RPET shopper is 500 pieces. You can compose these bags according to your wishes. Do you need the bags earlier? We can ship the bags by airplane, we will then deliver the bags within 7-8 weeks. 


Loops and handles from RPET bags  

RPET bags can be produced with different loops. For example, the loops can be made of RPET material or nylon webbing material. The latter is a woven plastic handle, which is very sturdy. The loops can be made in different lengths and widths. This can be adjusted entirely to your liking. We usually recommend a length of 45 cm for a short loop and for a long loop which can be carried over the shoulder a length of 65 cm. The most common width of a handle is approximately 2.5 cm, but this can also be adjusted to your liking. We attach the handles with a sturdy X stitching, making the handle strong enough to carry a bag with groceries. It is possible to provide the bag with a barcode on the bottom or a hang tag on the loop. This way, the bag is easy to scan at the checkout. 

Printing RPET bags 

RPET bags are ideal shopping bags to give or sell to your customers. You can print these bags with your design. These bags are often used as a shopping bag. As a result, they return to the streets again and again. You can use this bag well to print your advertising. We can print these RPET bags in all desired PANTONE® colours. It is also no problem to print these bags in Full Colour. In this way you can provide the shopper with every possible image or design. This can be done on all sides of the bag, even the inside! We print these bags using an intaglio technique. This is a technique in which copper cylinders are used, with which we print on the laminate of the RPET shopper. In this way we can print razor-sharp and you can realize a beautiful photo image on the shopper. Intaglio printing is also called sleeves print or roto print. 


Material of RPET bags 

RPET bags are made from recycled PET bottles, such as your own soft drink bottle. This is collected and referred to as Post Consumer Waste (PCW). This material is recycled and this creates RPET material (recycles polyethylene terephthalate). This is a soft material, which is finished on the outside with a gloss on matt laminate. It is also possible to finish the inside with a gloss or matt laminate. This is not a requirement, but will give the bag extra strength. A laminate also ensures that the bag is easy to clean and also splash-proof. It is no problem to walk in the rain with this bag, as it can easily handle a bit of water.  

Ecological RPET bags

RPET bags are the ideal bags when it comes to sustainability. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important and by using an RPET shopper you can keep up with this important trend. In this way you can show that you care about the environment and are socially responsible. The bags are made from recycled PET bottles, such as your own soft drink bottle. This is collected and referred to as Post Consumer Waste (PCW). This material is recycled and this creates RPET material (recycle Polyethylene terephthalate). This makes the use of new raw materials unnecessary. 

Order sustainable bags directly 

We have a wide range of reusable and sustainable bags in stock. Consider, for example, a PP woven shopper, non-woven bags or shop in bags. These are bags that are strong and will last a long time, a sustainable option! We also have a wide range of jute and cotton bags in stock, which is also a sustainable choice. We can supply these unprinted or printed with your logo from 50 pieces. We can deliver these to you within 1-3 working days. Printed bags from our stock are printed in our own printing facility. This can be done on the front and back in no less than 6 PANTONE® colours. Easily put together your own bag in the configurator and place your order immediately. Click here to order your sustainable bags directly. 

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