Personalised printed airlaid napkins 


Printed Airlaid napkins custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for sturdy printed napkins with a luxurious and chic look for your catering operation? Then choose our custom printed Airlaid napkins. We produce your custom printed Airlaid napkins according to your wishes. This includes the format, thickness of the Airlaid material, material colour and printing. We produce all the Airlaid napkins based on FSC® certified paper. View all options of the luxury Airlaid napkins with printing below. 

5 advantages of printed Airlaid napkins  

  1. The luxury Airlaid napkins can be printed with the name of your restaurant, hotel or diner; 
  2. Printed Airlaid napkins have a luxurious and chic look; 
  3. Printed Airlaid napkins have a soft feel and the look and feel of linen napkins; 
  4. Printed Airlaid napkins are ecological napkins and are made from sustainable FSC® certified paper; 
  5. Printed Airlaid napkins are 100% recyclable. 


Use of printed Airlaid napkins  

Airlaid napkins are mainly used as luxury napkins in the luxury hospitality industry. These napkins have the look and feel of soft linen napkins and are perfect to use for setting the tables and for placing cutlery on them. The advantage of the luxury Airlaid napkins is that these napkins are printed fully recyclable. This saves you a lot of time and money. It is for good reason that more and more restaurants are using our printed Airlaid napkins and are abandoning the classic linen napkins. In addition, we produce our Airlaid napkins from sustainable material, namely FSC® certified paper. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom-made production, we produce and print your Airlaid napkins from approx. 5,000 pieces with a delivery time of 5-8 weeks. The delivery time depends on the edition, the material and the printing. 


Material of printed Airlaid napkins 

Our Airlaid napkins are made from 100% FSC® certified paper and are therefore ecologically sustainable napkins. The material is also 100% recyclable. The napkins have a soft feel and a light ribbed structure. Partly due to the soft durable material, the Airlaid napkins have a nice chic look, which is not out of place in a high-end restaurant. As standard we produce the Airlaid napkins based on 55-65 grs. white FSC® certified Airlaid paper. It is also possible to use coloured Airlaid paper instead of white paper. In that case, you can choose from standard available material colours per format. 

Print Airlaid napkins 

Airlaid napkins are easy to print with the name of your restaurant, hotel or restaurant. Printed Airlaid napkins provide an extra touch to the experience of hospitality, gastronomy and service in your dining establishment. We print the luxury Airlaid napkins by means of flexo printing in 1 or 2 PANTONE® colours. 


Versions of Airlaid napkins   

Airlaid napkins can be produced and printed in many sizes. We have listed the most common sizes and models for you below. 

Printed Airlaid napkins in size 40 x 40 cm. 
(when unfolded) 
Ideal as a lunch or dinner napkin for restaurants and cafes. You can choose between a ¼ bookfold model and a 1/8 bookfold model.

Printed Airlaid napkins in size 40 x 33 cm. (when unfolded)
Ideal for restaurants and as napkins for breakfast. Standard in a 1/8 bookfold model.

Printed Airlaid napkins in size 48 x 40 cm. 
(when unfolded)
Ideal for fine dining. Standard in a 1/8 bookfold model.

The luxury Airlaid napkins can also be provided with an incision so that you can slide in the cutlery. 



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