Personalised non-woven garment bags


Printed non-woven garment bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for printing reusable garment bags? Then choose our custom made non-woven garment bags. These non-woven garment bags are available in various designs and qualities and are completely custom-made so that you can determine the size yourself. You can also choose from different material colours and the colour of the drawstring. Is the garment bag used for a longer period of time for dirty garment? Then it is possible to provide the garment bag with holes so that sufficient oxygen gets into the bags. View all versions and options for printing non-woven garment bags below. 

5 advantages of the non-woven garment bags

  1. Non-woven garment bags are available in any size, for lingerie but also for clothing; 
  2. Non-woven garment bags are also machine washable at a maximum of 30 degrees; 
  3. Non-woven garment bags are closed by means of a drawstring, zipper or velcro closure; 
  4. Non-woven garment bags are reusable and 100% recyclable; 
  5. Non-woven garment bags are great for hotels to collect garment from guests. 

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Use of non-woven garment bags  

The non-woven garment bags are used for various purposes, but mainly for storing garment before it goes into the washing machine. For example, we see that hotels use this a lot for collecting garment from the guests. By providing the garment bag with a room number, this can easily be separated from the other garment. The non-woven material is also washable at a maximum of 30 degrees. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, the non-woven garment bags can be delivered within 10-12 weeks. With this production of 12 weeks delivery time, it is also possible to have a part flown in within 5-6 weeks.


Ecological non-woven garment bags 

Due to the strong non-woven material, the non-woven garment bags can be reused more often. In addition, the non-woven material is 100% recyclable. Are you looking for an ecological alternative? Then it is also possible from 500 pieces to deliver the non-woven in recycled material.

Printing non-woven garment bags 

Non-woven garment bags are available in various colours of material. Any Pantone® colour can be printed on it. This is possible from a simple printing in one colour on one side to several PANTONE® colours. The usual printing technique for these non-woven garment bags is screen printing. The advantage of screen printing is that the desired PANTONE® colour can be printed intensely and vividly. Would you like a full colour print on the non-woven material? Depending on your logo, this will be printed in transfer printing or sublimation printing. Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities. The minimum print run for the non-woven garment bag is 500 pieces.  


Material of non-woven garment bags  

For the non-woven garment bags, you can choose from different quality materials. The usual material is 100 grams non-woven. Are you looking for a more luxurious look or stronger quality? It is also possible to choose 120 grams and 150 grams non-woven. There is a choice of different material colours. Are you looking for a specific colour for the material? Please feel free to inquire about the possibilities.  

Execution of non-woven garment bags 

The non-woven garment bags are usually provided with a drawstring at the top, this is possible in cotton or in soft PP material. You can determine the length yourself. The top of the bags has a tunnel cord through which the chosen cord is put. This way you can easily close the garment bags by tightening the cords to prevent garment from falling out of the bag and limit the smell. Are you looking for another solution for closing the garment bags? It is also possible to choose a zipper or Velcro closure. Do you also want to be able to carry the garment bags in your hand? Then choose 2 stitched loops. 

Order non-woven garment bags directly 

Do you need the non-woven garment bags fast or require a small quantity? We deliver non-woven garment bags directly from stock. This allows us to deliver unprinted garment bags to you within 24 hours. Printed non-woven garment bags can only be custom made. 

Be inspired by our packaging

Below you can find several examples of non-woven garment bags. Have you seen something beautiful that suits your needs?


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