Personalised jute wine bottle bags 


Printed jute wine bottle bags custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for ecological packaging for your bottles of wine or champagne? Then choose our custom-made jute wine bottle bags. Jute wine bottle bags are very strong and reusable and can be put together according to your wishes, think of the size of the bag, the colour of the material and the print. Read more about the possibilities of the jute wine bottle bags below. 

5 advantages of jute wine bottle bags

  1. Jute wine bottle bags are available for one to six bottles of wine; 
  2. Jute wine bottle bags have a compartment that can be stitched on or supplied separately, so that the wine bottle bag can also be used as a carrier bag; 
  3. Jute wine bottle bags are extremely strong and therefore reusable; 
  4. Jute wine bottle bags can be coloured in any desired colour, so that the bag matches your product perfectly; 
  5. Jute wine bottle bags are water-resistant. 

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Use of jute wine bottle bags  

Jute wine bottle bags are very suitable as gift packaging and carrier bags for packaging a bottle of wine. Even if you are looking for packaging several bottles of wine or champagne, the jute wine bottle bags are perfectly usable, because it is possible to provide the inside of the bag with several compartments. It is therefore possible to use a wine bottle bag for up to six bottles of wine or champagne. By not stitching the compartments, you can easily remove the inlay and the wine bottle bag can be used as a regular carrying bag at the same time. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can deliver jute wine bottle bags from 500 pieces within 12-16 weeks. The delivery time depends on the edition, the material, the desired finish and printing. 


Models of jute wine bottle bags  

The jute wine bottle bags are usually provided with two thick round cotton cords with a length of 45 cm and a width of 1 cm. This is a size and quality that is comfortable to hold. Another option is to opt for flat jute handles. If you have a bottle of champagne, we recommend making the bag slightly wider than for a bottle of wine. If you want to pack several bottles of wine in one bag, we can stitch a division into the bag or deliver separately up to six bottles of wine. The advantage of not stitching the compartments is that the bag can be used for multiple purposes, such as doing the daily shopping.  

Printing jute wine bottle bags

Jute wine bottle bags can be printed with your logo or text. This can be done in any desired PANTONE® colour. The usual printing technique used for jute is screen printing. With screen printing, the desired colour is printed with high coverage on the wine bottle bag. In addition, the jute material can also be coloured in any desired PANTONE® colour. With screen printing is not possible to print full colour. The minimum print run for custom jute wine bottle bags is 500 pieces. 


Material of jute wine bottle bags  

Jute wine bottle bags are made from natural jute. Jute is an ecological material consisting of long natural fibers from jute plants of the genus Corchorus. These fibers are extracted from the trunk of the plant and spun into long jute threads, also called “golden fibers” because of the shiny gold-like fibers. Jute is one of the most used vegetable fibers in the world and grows mainly in subtropical countries, such as India. Jute wine bottle bags have a coarse structure, and the material feels somewhat hard and stiff. The inside of the wine bottle bags is provided with a laminate. This ensures a strong bag that cannot let rain through. The standard thickness / weave of jute bags is named as follows: 13x13 PSI natural jute. 

Sustainable jute wine bottle bags 

Jute wine bottle bags are made from natural jute material which is fully recyclable. In addition, jute is extremely strong, which means that the jute wine bottle bags will be reused more often. For this reason, these wine bags can certainly be called sustainable. 

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Do you need the jute wine bottle bags fast or require only a small quantity? We have different sizes, colours and finishes wine bottle bags in stock! We can deliver these wine bottle bags from 100 pieces with your logo or design, this is possible within 24 hours! If you are curious about our extensive stock, take a look here. 

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