Printed ZEROTREE® bags  

Would you like to print and order ZEROTREE bags? You can do this quick and easy at FF-PACKAGING. Did you know that we are the creator and producer of the ZEROTREE® bags and that our ZEROTREE® trademark is officially registered in Europe? We have ZEROTREE® bags in different environmentally friendly ecological materials in stock and can deliver them to you quickly with or without printing, even within 48-72 hours! With our own custom made productions we can guarantee you (printed) ZEROTREE® bags at the lowest price. 
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Order your ZEROTREE bags quick and easy in 4 steps.  

You order your (printed) ZEROTREE bags quick and easy in a few steps. We have kept the ordering process as simple as possible on our website and consists of 4 steps. Through this ordering process you can put together a ZEROTREE® bag with or without printing:  

  1. Select the desired product. All available ZEROTREE® bags in the different ecological material colors can be seen on this page. Use the filter menu on the left to quickly make a targeted choice.  
  2. Found the right ZEROTREE® bag of your choice? Click on the product and put together your ecological bag on the next page.  
  3. Follow the steps and select your wishes in terms of material color, size, printing, quantity and the desired delivery time. Do you opt for ZEROTREE® bags with a print? Then also make your choice in how many colors you want to have these bags printed and whether you want a print on 1 side of the bag or on both sides of the bag. And possibly upload your logo in advance.  
  4. Have you gone through every step and completed it? Then click on the big orange button with ADD TO CART. You can proceed to checkout in the shopping cart.  

Get professional advice.  

Before you buy ZEROTREE® bags, you need to know for what purpose you are going to use the bags. What should the functionality of the bag be? and what is your budget? Not sure which ZEROTREE® bag is right for your company? Then let one of our employees advise you first. We are happy to assist you by telephone, chat or e-mail. We help you make an informed choice when purchasing your environmentally friendly ZEROTREE® bags.  

The following topics can be important when buying paper bags:  

  • Delivery time. When do you need the ZEROTREE® bags? Do you have a FIX delivery date, for example for an exhibition? Do the bags have to be printed and delivered within 24 hours? Or do you still have bags in stock and a fast delivery is not necessary?  
  • What is the functionality of the ZEROTREE® bag? Do you want an original ecological bag for a clothing store? Then our luxury ZEROTREE® bags made from recycled cotton or made from recycled jeans are a good choice.  
  • Determine your budget for buying paper bags. By determining your budget you can we give you specific advice when buying your bags. Prefer a cheap ZEROTREE® bag? Then choose our twisted ZEROTREE® bags made of grass paper.  
  • ZEROTREE® bags with or without printing? If you want to send an ecological message to the outside world, a printed ZEROTREE® bag is the perfect solution. A sustainable text including our ZEROTREE® logo stands out and makes people think about it.  
  • Is it important to you that the bags are sustainable or ecological? Then you have come to the right place for our ZEROTREE® bags. All our ZEROTREE® bags are made from natural fibers in combination with recycled waste cotton and recycled paper. No new trees are felled for the production of our ZEROTREE® bags. In addition, production provides extra employment under good social conditions. A unique ecological paper bag that is made in a sustainable way!  

10 reasons to buy ZEROTREE® bags.  

  1. ZEROTREE® bags are environmentally friendly and durable.
    We produce our ZEROTREE® bags from natural and recycled materials that are sustainably produced such as grass fibers, jute fibers, recycled waste cotton from the clothing industries and recycled waste paper. It is not without reason that these bags are unique in look and feel. Have you ever heard of our ZEROTREE® grass bag or ZEROTREE® banana leaf bag? Take a quick look at this page to look at all our ecological bags made of ZEROTREE® material. Curious about our ZEROTREE® bags and would you like more information about them? Then let yourself be advised by one of our employees.  
  2. ZEROTREE® bags are easy to print.
    We can deliver our ZEROTREE® bags to you quickly, including printing. Because we have our own screen printing facility, we can print your ZEROTREE® bags quick and easy. This is possible from 100 pieces in one or more PANTONE colors. 
  3. ZEROTREE® bags are perfect for your ecological advertising message.
    Looking for an original way to make your sustainability known or send an ecological message to your customers? Printing our ZEROTREE® bags with your message and our ZEROTREE® logo generates many nice positive reactions. How cool is it if you have a clothing store and contribute to sustainable packaging by using bags that are partly made from recycled clothing cotton? Or if you have a flower and plant business and use the original ZEROTREE © bags made of grass.  
  4. ZEROTREE® bags are recyclable.
    Our ZEROTREE® bags can be disposed of with the waste paper. Because these bags consist of large fibers, the ZEROTREE® material can be recycled. First, it is then made into pulp (cellulose) during the recycling process. Subsequently, new paper can be made or, for example, in this way the old ZEROTREE® raw material can be made into new paper.  
  5. ZEROTREE® bags are great gift bags.
    Are you looking for an original gift bag or gift box? Our ZEROTREE® products are the most original bags available because of the ecological materials that are used. This is clearly reflected in the structure and colors of the bags. If you want gift bags in different colors, choose our Classic ZEROTREE® multicolor bags.  
  6. ZEROTREE® bags delivered quickly within 48-72 hours.
    We can deliver your ZEROTREE® bags quickly. We keep large quantities of ZEROTREE® bags in stock in our own warehouse. 
  7. Diversity of ecological ZEROTREE® bags.
    We offer you a wide range of ecological ZEROTREE® bags in different natural materials, colors and ecological handles. For example, our ZEROTREE® straw bags are have recycled paper strings and our ZEROTREE® have jute strings.  
  8. Easy to order ZEROTREE® bags.
    You can buy your original ZEROTREE® bags quickly and without difficulty on this FF-PACKAGING website. Via the configuration you can easily order your grass bagsjeans bags or banana bags (with logo) in the 4 steps explained above.  
  9. ZEROTREE® is the official trademark of FF-PACKAGING.
    Did you know that FF-PACKAGING keeps the largest range of ecological and sustainable bags in stock in Europe? We are innovative and progressive in the field of sustainability and green bags. That is one of the reasons why we started developing and producing paper bags in the past that are made from ecological and recycled materials, which do not require new trees! Our ZEROTREE® bags are the result of this. Because a lot has been invested in the development of the ZEROTREE® bags, we have decided to patent these bags and our ZEROTREE® trademark. ZEROTREE® is officially registered as a trademark in Europe by FF-PACKAGING.  
  10. ZEROTREE® bags are suitable for every industry and purpose.
    Because our ZEROTREE® produce bags in different qualities and from various materials, these bags can be used for different purposes. Our cheap budget twisted ZEROTREE grass bags are perfect for use in food stores such as chocolate shops, cheese shops and pastry shops. Our luxury ZEROTREE® bags made from recycled cotton from the clothing industry are perfect for clothing stores.