Personalised plastic bag with loops


Printed plastic bags with loops custom made according to your wishes

Are you looking for cheap plastic bags? Then choose our custom made plastic bags with loops. These plastic loop bags are one of the cheapest plastic bags in our range and can be assembled according to your wishes. Think of the format, the colour of the material, the thickness and the printing. Do you know that we also produce ecological plastic bags? For example, we can produce plastic loop bags from recycled plastic material. View all the possibilities of the plastic bags with loops below. 


5 advantages of plastic bags with loop

  1. Plastic bags with loops are cheap plastic bags; 
  2. Plastic loop bags can be made from recycled plastic and are also 100% recyclable; 
  3. Plastic bags with loops are resistant to rain to keep the contents of the plastic bag dry; 
  4. Plastic bags with loops can be easily hung and carried by the sealed loop; 
  5. Plastic bags with loops are made of strong and flexible plastic material which makes these plastic bags ideal for grocery shopping or shopping.

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Use of plastic bags with loops 

Plastic bags with loops have long been used in supermarkets, clothing stores, at a trade fair or event, within the retail trade, fan shops, museums and in the tourist sector. Plastic bags are relatively cheap, and the material is also very flexible and rain resistant. This makes plastic bags with loops ideal for shopping use. The plastic loop bags can take a beating. Even in heavy rain, the plastic material will ensure that the bag cannot tear. 


Delivery time 

With our own custom production, we can supply the plastic bags with loops from 3,000 pieces within 3-12 weeks. The delivery time of these plastic bags is further dependent on the print run, material type, material colour, printing and your budget. We also have a solution for small-run plastic bags. We have a large assortment of standard plastic loop bags in various colours, materials and sizes in stock, which we can deliver from 250 pieces within 24 hours. 


Handles of plastic bags with loops

Plastic loop bags are provided with two sealed plastic loops at the top of the bag, making these plastic bags easy to carry in the hand. The top of the bag can be turned inwards and sealed, so that the plastic loop bag has a higher carrying capacity. 

Plastic bags with loops printing

The plastic bags with loops can be printed on the outside of the bag in both PANTONE® colours and in full colour. Two different printing techniques are used for printing these plastic loop bags, namely flexo printing and gravure printing. Here is an explanation of both printing techniques: 

  • Rubber printing stamps (flexo plates) are used which are glued around a cylinder. Each printing colour needs its own printing stamp. Plastic film on a roll is machine pressed and then machine die cut and sealed. Flexo printing is the cheapest way to print plastic bags. 
  • In gravure printing, large copper cylinders are used to press the ink onto the plastic foil. These copper cylinders are engraved with the printing (the design / artwork). You need a copper cylinder for each printing colour. After the plastic loop bags have been printed, they are machine-punched and sealed. This printing technique is a relatively expensive printing technique but gives the best printing result on the plastic loop bags. 

The plastic bags with loops can also be printed with a matt varnish, so that the plastic bags have a matte appearance. 


Material of plastic loop bags 

Budget plastic loop bags are made from plastic foil. This foil is made from plastic granulate. Granulate looks like small grains (PHOTO PLASTIC GRANULATE) and can be made in different types of plastic and in different colours. 

The most commonly used plastic material for the plastic loop bags is LDPE. LDPE stands for Low-DensityPolyEthylene. This feels soft, looks shiny and is a flexible plastic type with a lot of stretch in the material. LDPE can be produced in transparent, white or in a PANTONE® colour. The thickness is indicated in microns. A standard thickness of the plastic loop bags varies between 50 m and 100 mu. 

The materials MDPE (Medium-DensityPolyEthylene) and HDPE (High-DensityPolyEthylene) are also suitable for producing plastic bags with loops. These materials look matt (not shiny), feel harder and stiffer and there is less stretch in these materials. Transparent MDPE or HDPE material is always semi-transparent (also called frosty transparent) so that you cannot see clearly through the material. 

In addition to LDPE, MDPE and HDPE, the plastic material of the plastic loop bags can also be produced based on recycled material. For recycled material, a distinction can be made between Post-Consumer Waste recycled plastic material and Industrial Waste recycled plastic material. 
  • Post-Consumer Waste recycled plastic is made from household plastic waste. This gives the material a somewhat greyish appearance and you can feel that the recycled plastic material has a coarse structure with pits in the material. Recycled plastic bags made from Post-Consumer waste stand out well. 
  • Industrial Waste recycled plastic is made from plastic factory waste. This often concerns plastic material that remains during the production process of plastic bags and has therefore not been in the hands of the consumer. This collected plastic waste is immediately remelted into plastic granulate. As a result, this recycled material looks whiter than Post-Consumer Waste recycled plastic and the plastic film feels even. There are also no seeds in the material. Recycled plastic bags made from Industrial Waste are almost indistinguishable from “virgin” plastic bags with a loop. 

Ecological plastic bags with loops

Loop plastic bags have acquired a negative image in recent years due to the “plastic waste problem” in the world. Of course, plastic bags should be reused as much as possible and ultimately end up with the residual waste. With normal use of plastic loop bags, these bags can be just as durable as other materials. Plastic bags with a loops are strong, can take a beating and are rain resistant. As a result, the material does not tear quickly. In addition, plastic bags with loops are 100% recyclable, so that the old plastic material can be reused for other plastic products. We also produce budget plastic carrier bags from ecological material, such as recycled plastic. 

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